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  • My god that was great. I'm viewing some video clips of episode parts to get the general idea of what happened so far. Episode 5 has to be the best. That looks like it hurts 0_o
    Not so much as that :O
    I also love that green bots couch form. XD
    hey silver, hey how is that blogging project going? id like to read your stuff if its published.
    So how's the hunt for getting the Shiny Turtwig in Platinum going?

    Btw, I have to say that takes a lot of patience because I could never see myself going through with that.
    hey, just a quick question, i was wondering if you possess any shiny pokemon, if so would you trade them? Request what you would like!
    Same here !!!
    I keep looking at the posters and websites advertising it to fill the void
    Do you have your team planned out?
    According to the bloke at TRU, you'd get the figurine at the same time you picked up your preordered game.
    Yeah I preordered to but they didnt give me the figure??? O.O
    I started to complete my dex on diamond but when i heard of platinum coming out i said screw it ill start it on there : 3
    Yeah, at the nearest TRU, once I got someone to say they were positive that they'd have the figurine. Prime's still trying to decide if he wants a Platinum of his own, though--he's mentally hardwired as a 'Psychotic Completist' (a label he takes great pride in), and knows he would therefore spend all eternity trying to get EVERY foreign Pokédex entry...as it is, you ought to see his GTS globe on Diamond. The phrase "Holy Freaking Crap, Batman!" comes to mind... :D
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