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  • I think Prime likes the non-mainline Pokemon games more than the actual Pokemon games. He's been working on PMD for what seems like forever. I haven't seen him touch Diamond in a long time. (Me, I think I need a break from Pearl.)
    Yeah, that's what Prime's said. I wasn't able to play the first game much, though. (He grabbed my copy and wouldn't let go.)
    Yeah, it's the getting the pattern that's getting to me. Once I get I'll be fine, but the learning process kinda sucks.
    I know how you feel but its not so hard once you get on the pattern
    I made ashes complete hoenn team once on it
    I downloaded them before I started the game, so I have the missions. I should be good to go. It's the getting to rank 10 Ranger thing that's annoying as heck.
    Will you still be able to get those two since the event ended?
    Or did you do it already and you hve to wait to beat the game?
    Shadows of almia?
    Yeah me too i have my Darkrai and Manaphy on that game ready to transfer over to my platinum when i get it
    Oh no. My times at 900. Sorry 'bout that. I think I've actually gotten something like 30 shinies at last count. (I can't remember offhand; I've been hitting Pokemon Ranger pretty hard lately.)
    You have 900 shiny on Pearl OMG!!!!!
    I only have a shiny kecleon , Walrein, Golduck, Gliscor, Staraptor, Flygon, Eevee and Regigigas
    Let's see... I've got a shiny Tangela, a shiny Roselia, a shiny Palkia (who is really spoiled), a shiny male Combee, a shiny Spiritomb and a shiny Electivire. It took nearly forever for me to get them. Maybe that's why I've got nearly 900 on Pearl.
    Thats cool i wouldnt want you to hate me when we just met XD
    Do you have any other shinies?
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