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  • But that just seems plain impossible.. Omg, I am sorry to hear that. I never entered an official tournament before because I suck competitvely so no idea on it.
    For archen maybe it was using choice band? It isnt uncomnon for it.
    For rhe rest I don't know what to say.. It seems like done on purpose. But at the same time most players must have had perfecf mons so..

    If I can share my opinion this bad luck isnt product of you being a bad player or following smogon, but a constant trolling from the hax. I don't really like the site but you gotta admit it's really helpful somefimes. Best players are the ones who can build something and win with it. I mean remember the champ of this year? He won with a pachirisu on his team, who would have expected it? Surprise factor should be a thing most often imo, the thing with smogon is when you copy sets from them too often you get predictable so some of that bad luck you might have might be product of it. So don't be that harsh, just add a personal touch to your teams eh? ^^

    Maybe they did :/ You never know with gf.

    Oh as I said I dont play like that, but I enjoy battling with my friends.
    np, thanks to you too. More power items means faster EV training c: I am a breeder in case you need something in the future, so we can continue the business~
    Ohhh dear someone is fired up! xD You better lemme know how things went eh? :3 Good luck!
    I battled so many of them in PSS, PSS: the home of uber n00bs xD I am noob in other aspect. I just pick the pokes I like and paste them together >o> Don't scold me...

    What's a 16BP item? :eek:
    Feel ya totally there! Some people think it's just about having a 6iv shiny team but the real player is mentally prepared too; how to work your team, adapt your team to your enemy, exploiting weakeness, anticipation. Pokémon is like a poker game, you should play your card wisely and be able to read your oponent. It's really exciting in a sense. Remind me to battle you eh? xD Don't worry I suck -w-)/

    Oh I can, wanna trade now? o/
    Don't worry, feel ya there xD I get you have a bad schedule tho :p

    I will be online in 5 minutes, IGN Crow
    Sorry I got some problems with my 3ds connection so I couldn't connect, but now it works perfectly and I got the both pokés bred. I added you already, I can be from 12/1PM and I will hop online a few time during the day.

    As for what I wanted any special ball female would be nice (since looks like you collect them too :p) or other good ivs pokes, I am not picky.
    My.. Finally someone with my timezone! It's the good thing about english forums.xD I will be online here at 19:00 to trade, my FC 2723-9410-4398 IGN Crow.
    Just went into my safari I managed to find a female HA ivysaur and caught it in a net ball. Sorry about the mix up earlier I haven't checked my Safaris in so long I don't know what I have anymore. Ready when you are to trade.
    The Sableye is a Careful nature, since the attack reduction from Will-o-Wisp can make up for its defense stat.
    Heh, you're welcome. I love giving away items, and my Gourgeist picks up Hyper Potions all the time. And thanks -- I think I actually stand a chance >:)
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