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  • Aw, I understand. My life has been 'shaky' too. Schoolwork had me nearly defeated at late April and early May, lol.
    Has it been due to school or work? Anyhow, I hope you do well :eek:

    Not sure. I actually haven't caught up with the news much, so I don't really have a sure opinion on that. (So I guess that's more of 'I don't believe it' response.)
    Oh yes, I do remember you :)

    Haha, it hasn't been a while since it happened, so no surprise there. (I've been hell busy, sorry about the late reply.) How have you been doing?
    I really love B2W2, it's certainly a very compelling story. The only thing that really disappointed me was how you only got to fight big-G once. It was very climatic and dramatic, but still sad. At least we got multiple fights with Colress to make up for it.
    Well I'm already planning to use Serperior with Coil/Sword Dance, Leaf Blade, Aqua Tail, and Outrage, followed by Starmie using its standard set (Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Rapid Spin) and Golurk with a Rock Polish set (followed by Shadow Punch, Earthquake, and Ice Punch/Drain Punch).
    Which set should I be running for Arcanine. Here's what I have:

    Set 1 - Flamethrower, Wild Charge, Outrage, Extremespeed/Morning Sun
    Set 2 - Agility, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Outrage
    Set 3 - Sunny Day, Flare Blitz, Solarbeam, Outrage/Dragon Pulse
    Indeed. 8D; I've kept a better hold on my temper in recent years, but when I explode I explode big time. 8D; Sorry if I was annoying.

    And yes, I loved the beret too! The beret doesn't get enough love.
    I hate it. :| I always hated that the girl is always dressed down compared to the boy character. I hate that there was a girl player added in the first place. It started with Kris in her skin-tight shirt and shorts. Their only purpose is fanservice, and it's disgusting. Anyone who calls the girl PC's "hot" is seriously messed up. Dawn is usually the easiest target. Why the hell is she going so skimpily dressed when it's supposed to be colder in Shinnoh? When I do my own Pokemon story, I know I'm editing the girl PC's outfits so they aren't so disgustingly sexy.

    ...yeah, I kinda ranted there. o3o; Eheh, the girl PCs and their stupid fan-service outfits are one of my major berserk buttons. "OTL
    They haven't ruined any of the music XD
    I just LOVE the remixed Unova Gym Leader music. I had a bit of a 'peek' when there was a stream video for Pokemon Black 2, and the expectations for the remixed music rose by a huge level xD
    Oh yeah, I really love the gym leader music remixes.

    Actually they say that the Elite Four music hasn't changed. But I'm down with it. E4 music is already quite awesome :>
    I'm listening to the OSTs that were revealed and...holy shit, this game, I'm excited for it big time :D
    LOL, I understand that feeling XD

    Haha, that happens to me when I find a friend with a username change. These VM convos help a lot XD
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