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  • Hehe, hello. xD I'd put the space back in my user-name, but apparently it's already taken or something. o_o
    I think I'll be getting White 2 since I bought Black.
    But yes, probably better to check the specifics before making a final decision.
    From the colors, I like the latter better. I don't know much about their moves though?

    How about you? Which game are you planning to get?
    That situation exactly. -___-
    It's especially bad when facing a balanced team, like the element monkey trio. >_<
    Mhmm, and there still are things that haven't been confirmed about cells. XD

    Ooof. I hate that kind of battle that you need to rotate between three Pokemon. You'd need to consider what the trainer picks as well -_-;
    Oh yeah, I learn cell biology this semester, and I ruined it big time on the first of the three tests when I underestimated the amount of content -_-;
    Aw, at least you passed. Was it General Bio? General Bio was easy for me but specific studies were sometimes difficult. Plant studies nearly ruined my average >_<

    Oh, there are different typings in that game?
    I do like that you can catch all Pokemon without trading though. Sounds like a good way to enjoy a game alone. XD
    Well, it comes with translating job, I guess. But it has become way faster than Gen 4 days. :p

    Yes, so it has. Glad to see you again.
    How are you? :)
    Of course! Too bad that I'll still get the game for myself after I learn most of the stuff. Late release date in Korea XD
    Yeah, 21 credits XD

    I actually take eight, but one of them is just a mentor program that doesn't require a lot of time, much less studying.
    Long time no see!

    I've been busy with school, taking seven courses XD

    How are you?
    hey... sorry for only posting now... i lost my log-in info... and my PC went in for repairs
    Same, school started today for me. (Am using a school PC atm, to check stuff)

    Oh, that starts with that game on Gameboy Advance, right? :D
    lolwut XD
    Still, high five! At least you are keeping it XDDDD

    For me, it was helpful to play it before Bowser's Inside Story, because the mechanics are similar.
    Playing as the babies are confusing, especially for some of the special moves.
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