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  • Oh man. D8; That's awful! If you paid for the Nintendo Wii with your own money, then you have every right to object to your sister taking it with her to college. You'll just have to put your foot down, they can't just take stuff you bought for yourself, especially something quite pricey like the Wii. It's not selfish if it's rightfully yours, after all. I wish you luck, man, I know I'd be as furious as you are if someone tried to take my Wii away. D8;
    Why is she taking YOUR Wii? :mad:

    Good luck with that, keep your Wii!

    Although it's not as funny as Bowser's Inside Story, the story is still good. Plus, it helps that we have a new team of antagonists! XD
    Ooh, I hope you enjoy it, it's a great game. D8

    Why not play Pikachu? He gets Discharge, which doesn't hit partners.
    That's the best game of the series if you ask me :p
    Isn't it hard to control what Pokemon you'll be, though? XD
    Yeah, at least I don't have to take much math from now on :p

    How long did it take? XD
    Yeah, but at least TTYD had some stuff to do after finishing the game. (Paper Mario 64 didn't) XD
    Aw, how cute. That Yoshi Kid, I want a green or an orange one xD
    (I love his attitude XD)
    Aw, I know those nasty audience 'effects'. Sometimes they throw damaging items and you need to dodge them X_X

    Game over?! How much damage does that deal? 0.0
    Hooktail is a 'she', fyi. :p
    Later, Gloomtail actually mentions something like "My sweet sister" referring to her. (...lolwut xD)

    I saw the Action Commands, and I think Koops' will be hard. It asks you to let go of the control stick when the meter is at the middle, doesn't it?
    Tattle getting an action command was unexpected. XD
    Yeah, I heard that too. At least those provide a challenge to the game than the previous one. XD

    How far did you go?
    Yeah, I used Star Storm (Skolar's power) whenever Crystal King created clones.
    It's my second favorite Star Spirit power, after Muskular's Chill Out.

    That was quick, finishing the game. XD
    I figured the strategy with Lakilester after a couple runs in Paper Mario; as well as figuring that there was a reason such a character was introduced.

    I hate Crystal King though. His Defense (2, makes Bow's attack useless) as well as HP recovery are annoying.
    You'll need to follow up with Lakilester's Spiny Surge right after the Power Bounce, because it will get rid of those clones so that Huff N Puff won't heal himself. :p

    Also you CAN get Ultra Boots ahead of that boss battle by visiting the Toad Town Tunnels.

    His music is awesome, yes :)
    I don't have that game yet, but I saw some walkthroughs and they were hilarious. I'm sure I'll get to try later.

    Huff N Puff becomes easier to beat with Power Bounce combined with Lakilester's Spiny Surge :3
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