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  • Breeding's pretty easy for me. I don't mind that. I hear what you're sayin' with the EV training though. I just don't have the patience for that. At all. At least I have a boyfriend who'll do it for me. :p

    What do you mean by simulators?
    Well, I haven't had the chance to train a competitive team in a long time, but I've done it before and love it, yes. Planning to get back into it as soon as I finish HG.

    I was actually in the Journey Across America tournament in '06. A damned technicality prevented me from going to Japan though. *angry mumble*
    Don't worry about it. I use my in-game team for now, too. :p

    I've never battled with the current team I have, actually. It'd be fun.
    HeartGold: 1849 7865 4214. Platinum: 1076 5589 1354.

    I just recently started playing HG, so I can't do much on there right now, unfortunately. I'd be more than happy to battle or trade on Platinum anytime you want though.
    That's for sure. That's why I said Hoenn, while none of my favorite Pokemon come from there, is the region that has the best set of Pokemon to me in general. Well, actually, it's tied with Sinnoh. But eh. They're both great.

    Also, Self Destruct and Explosion sucks.
    Haha, true that. The boy isn't much better though. Total dweeb, but yeah. Dawn's probably my favorite playable girl. Lucas and Barry are good looking, too.

    Wow. Seems like we share that opinion almost down to a T. I love Sinnoh for all of the reasons you mentioned and I also hate Hoenn because of all the water and I'm not much of a beach person, either. Hoenn was basically one big beach. Although if it has one thing going for it, the 3rd generation had a lot of great Pokemon to choose from. Perhaps it's even my favorite set of Pokemon.

    Oh, and I actually like Mt. Coronet. I've had to scale up that place so many times, I know my way around, so it's not a hassle for me. Better than Stark Mountain.
    I always play as the girl myself just because I am one, but I always prefer the way the guy looks.

    So, what's your favorite region? You can go by the Pokemon, the climate...Whatever.
    ...Seriously? It's just a fictional Japanese stylized owl. Owls CAN be kind of creepy though. I once watched this video of three angry barn owls. Those are some scary creatures.

    Noctowl, on the other hand, is one of my bestest Pokébros.
    You don't like Hoot-hoot? That's a shame. I love my Noctowl. He's always been reliable and he can take what he dishes, too. Although, I have to say, you have a wonderful taste regardless. Murkrow for life, man.

    Well, I'm 16 and 5'8", but I went out anyway. That's why you wear a mask.
    Yep, sure did. The reason why is because I REALLY don't like any of the Water-types available to you in HeartGold for some reason. Well, except for Vaporeon. By the time you get Eevee though, my team's already too far ahead level-wise for it to be any use to me.

    D'aww. Nothing? Halloween is my favorite holiday. I just got back about an hour ago from trick-or-treating. I got a huge load of candy. I am a happy soul.
    Nice choices.

    I went through Platinum with: Infernape, Noctowl, Luxray, Floatzel, Leafeon, and Bibarel. Currently going through HG with: Bayleef, Croconaw, Flaafy and Spearow.

    So, what did you do for Halloween?
    Usually, I would have picked Cyndaquil myself like I always do, but I went with Chikorita this time, since it's the only decent Grass-type in HG to me, but Growlithe's also available and Arcanine rocks, so y'know. My team's filling out quite nicely.

    Speaking of that, what was your team for playing through Platinum and HeartGold?
    Only Platinum and HeartGold, at the moment.

    I've had this Platinum for a year now and it's the one I play the most. Currently trying to fill up my Pokedex on it. The HG, I got from my boyfriend since he got bored of it. I'm almost to Ecruteak now. Very fun game.

    How about you?
    Well, I'd have an urge to import it, too, but...I downloaded a ROM of it and believe me. Unless you really understand Japanese, that game is unplayable. I can wait for spring to play a game I can actually enjoy.

    My planned team is: Daikenki, Zeburaika, Kokoromori, Zuruzukin, Desukan aaaand Buffulon. How about you?
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