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Recent content by SinCosTan

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    TM and HMs: How will they change.

    There are 6HM's for a total of 101 moves through Technical and Hidden Machines. I think HM's should become TM's for convenience. Gamefreak should add 99 more for a total of 200. 50 can be new moves and 49 can be old moves. These moves could be things like elemental punches, dark pulse, giga...
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    New Type Combos

    I want to see a ghost/fighting Pokemon myself. It could be a zombie martial artist. Like the Chinese Jiang Shi, which is basically a vampire that knows Kung Fu. http://alishamcostanzo.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/jiangshi.jpg
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    Walking Pokemon Feature?

    I'd like it to come back personally. I would also like to choose which Pokemon come out instead of just the lead Pokemon. While we're at it let's select the amount of Pokemon that come out. We could choose 1,2,3 or all 6 if we wanted to! I would like the ability to choose whether or not they...
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    Starter Discussion

    Re: Which new Generation Six starter is your favourite? I want to see what those stat spreads look like. They fucked us over in Gen V
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    Starter Discussion

    Re: Which new Generation Six starter is your favourite? Six generations of Pokemon. Mono type team of all six starters.
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    Starter Discussion

    Re: Which new Generation Six starter is your favourite? How can you rip off your own franchise?
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    Why do so many people hate gen III?

    Re: Why Do People Hate Generation 3? Wow. I always felt that way too. For some reason I was getting the feeling that I was playing a bad fan game.
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    Have you ever ditched your Starter?

    A lot of Pokemon in Unova have very, very high stats compared to previous generations. However, the starters are rather mediocre. They either have only one good stat or their spread is all fucked up. Serperior is really fast, but they made him a tank. Emboar has high attack and respectable...
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    Have you ever ditched your Starter?

    Never. But I'm thinking about it when I play White 2. I really hate the Unova starters. They're just so weak. I am getting tired of using Oshawott (aka the only good one) I used him in Black, White and Black 2. Snivy sucks and Tepig just doesn't appeal to me. This is the only generation where I...
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    A virus in the forums?

    I got the message just now too for Bulbapedia.
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    VG Weekly Poll #9: Who was the hardest Gym Leader?

    Clair from Pokemon Gold and The Platinum iteration of Fantina. Clair in GSC (and HGSS) is hard because it is difficult to train for her battle. The level scaling is horrid in that game and it made her Kingdra difficult to defeat. Fantina in Platinum is also another tough one. At that point...
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    Remixed music / Music Discussion

    The Lake Trio is not a remix. It's the same exact song from DPPt. I posted the regi remix a couple pages back.
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    Remixed music / Music Discussion

    Not only do I like the theme, I really liked the design of his Gym as well. It reminds me of Chapter 2 in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
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    Character Discussion Thread

    http://i.minus.com/ibz0nS8iRbNxbR.PNG This. Shizui said posting sprite rips are okay now.
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    Whats your best pokemon red/yellow/blue team

    Yellow: Pikachu Kadabra Tauros Charizard Vaporeon Nidoking That was the first time I ever raised a team equally. My Tauros ripped shit up.