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  • Oh, well I can understand, and yeah we did kind of get in the middle of something xD
    All right, you introduce him now though xD like I said you can just post, I mean you're not forbidden to do so. You're allowed to at least post to introduce your character and have him do something and then one of my characters can find him, it's nothing too tough.
    Well, I figured since we agreed your character joined the group during the three months in between RPs you could post though now that I think about it maybe it is true that it'd be best to introduce them gradually. Still, you can post now at least just to introduce the character, I'll have one of mine meet him.
    I accidentally posted a new conversation on my profile trying to respond, oops. But awesome, I love the last one best. It totally suits his destructive personality.
    Sorry about that, haha. But if Ame doesn't find the cure in time, he'll have to cut off the cities that were infected from the rest of the world, considering the infected people will try to escape and unintentionally spread the pathogens. But yeah, only 2 or 3 cities will be infected if Ame manages to stop Se7en. Even then, he doesn't have to kill him - he just needs to destroy the substance Se7en is using, to prevent further quarantine.
    Well, this is what I have so far.

    Se7en, a deadly shapeshifter with the ability to become his hosts, is plotting to create an artifact that can devolve humankind with a strange radiation effect. Se7en has found the perfect said artifact, the Torch of the Statue of Liberty in America's most populated city - New York City. Se7en coats it in a crimson substance, radiating the artifact. This substance has thus been within contact of the city's smog, causing the air the humans breathe in to contain foreign pathogens - these pathogens trigger a cold-like illness at first, before steadily increasing in fatal numbers. Eventually, this causes the said humans whom inhale the pathogens to devolve in as little as two weeks in a process of seven stages, until they are the prehistoric spores humankind began as. Se7en plans to spread this sickness-inducing to other major artifacts of popularity, eventually causing the downfall of the human race. <Singing in the Rain's character>, with the loyal <Selenium's character> by her side, must both prevent not only Se7en from getting the hands on high doses of mercury to strengthen his substance's grasp on the humans, but also must stop him before Se7en gets his hands on another artifact and kills off the other major cities before it is too late - and even if they accomplish those objectives, will the team of two ever be able to cure the devolving citizens?
    Yeah, it's fine to work with Selenium on this. I can help you with the name, if you need.
    Thank you! Sorry, I've been brainstorming for the plot - I'm thinking something like Se7en plans to create an object that radiates all humans within a five mile radius, causing them to devolve until they are mere spores. He desires to increase the radius, hoping to encompass the whole Earth; something along those lines.
    Or awkward, whichever you prefer. xD

    It was a combination, sorta. xD There were three layers to the background, combined with lighting and people dressed in various wildebeest costumes. The ones more toward the back of the scene had on full garb, whereas the ones closer to the front were just large heads, to simulate depth.
    Here's a (low quality) look at it, if you'd like.
    It was great, for the most part. The Scar-being-interested-in-getting-with-Nala part was kinda odd, but everything else was good. I was impressed by how they did the opening and ending sequences, along with the stampede. The new song additions were good as well.
    College, work, same old same old. I'm going to see The Lion King on Broadway this weekend (if all goes as planned). :D
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