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  • Well, seeing as how Finnick has a pretty simple canononical background, it wouldn't be hard to start. But the DS typing is a bit of a problem, because that takes fooorever.
    I kind of knew Peeta survived somehow, but not exactly how he survived. And I was under the impression Rue survived too, because I heard kids at school talking about HG, which is what inspired me to read it.
    My mom is the one that throws the dog's toy into the pool and tells her to jump, and leads her out of the pool.
    Experience doesn't matter in my church, the casting is very biased. It's pastors kids>other staff kids> high school students who are highly involved in the church> regular high school students> all middle school students
    I'm actually a lucky one, I've gotten a part every year for since 6th grade. Most of the kids don't get them when they're that young unless there's really no one else.
    You should just write a Finnick fanfic. It's official.
    The only thing I didn't like about it being first person is that you automatically knew Katniss would win. Just because how do you have two sequals if the main character dies?
    I haven't been in the competition myself, but my mom enters in it for us.
    I haven't been in anything serious, I've been doing church plays for several years, and I've done dinner theaters for the past two years. But I never get serious roles, mostly comic relief stuff. Like last year I said the same line several times. Just "yeah". But I won the favor of the director because I kind of put my own spin on the "yeah" and I would say it in a really smart-alecy way. I don't get to do the dinner theater this year though. *sadface* Oh, and I got a paragraph of lines for the spring play this past year!
    Oh, well yeah, I noticed that. I also saw it as "it doesn't matter who you are, you're their slave" and that there was still discrimination, but of a different kind. Instead of the color of your skin though it was where you were born.
    And yeah, I went to the midnight showing with my best friend and her brother (and our moms), and we thought that Abraham Lincoln thing was hilarious!
    The first person PoV was a great way to narrate it, for all the books really, because you wouldn't have seen as much of her character development otherwise. Like in the movie, since it was third person, you didn't always know what was going on in Katniss' head.
    I thought Finnick was beautifully written, which is why I like him so much. Also, his character is amazing and fills every role. You could write a whole book on a day in the life of Finnick Odair.
    Dock jumping is done as both, they hold it as serious competition during county fairs and stuff, but they also have casual practices. Some people are really into it though, and the ex-record holder owns a store 10 minutes away from my house! (He's only been the ex-record holder for a few weeks, it's a sore subject)
    I do artsy and music-y stuff, and I guess I'm actually more of a Arts geek (being all arts, art art and music and drama).
    What do you mean by the "history repeats itself"? And I bawled when she died. Every time I read it actually. And I saw the movie twice (once at midnight and once regular), and I cried both times. I actually cried harder the second time, and every time they brought up her name after it I cried. And I wrote a whole rant on tumblr about why I think Finnick only got one paragraph of a death description. Finnick was one of my favorites too, he was probably my favorite male actually.
    Yeah, Zoe got a ribbon because she managed to get sixth. She only got into the finals because someone had to drop out though, but seventh would've been really good for her first competition!
    Painting a pyramid actually sounds really fun, but I'm an art geek so yeah.
    That's pretty cool, and the set building sounds like fun!
    Dock jumping is when you have your dog run off a dock like structure and jump into water, yeah. They measure the distance the dog jumps. Zoe is pretty good at it.
    And yes, I am totally into Hunger Games. I got the box set of books for Christmas so I could re-read them in anticipation of the movie, and this username change was my "New Year's Username" in honor of my favorite character.
    I had a ton of stuff going on and it wasn't worth wasting time coming on, plus all the RPs I was in died so I had no reason to come on. So I kinda just ditched the site for a while, and then I just checked on periodically to check my VMs.

    What play is it? My almost year has been fine, I did some free art classes for a while which was awesome, and we got my dog into dock jumping. She won 6th in her first competition. Aaaand... that's all I think. Went on a big youth retreat, made some awesome friends, and went to camp. That's about it.
    Well, you disappeared for a while/you were really inactive and I disappeared for a short time then came back but kind of just stalked, so it's not really a surprise. What news have I missed out on?
    If only I could pick all of them :p For a Keldeo, I have a TRU Arceus Gamestop Celebiy Mew Darkrai Victini Reshiram

    I will take the Mew
    Okay, thanks. If you can't be on for a long period of time, PM so we can work something out.
    The forum won't let me mention you but you are approved. By the way, Just call me Haruhi.
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