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  • Just wanted to let you know that Eric's post was on FB not Twitter, I would post it in the thread but it is off topic and rather insensitive to the topic at hand.
    You bet! My fav poke is from gen 5. I wish more megas for them ;---;
    btw good luck in the tourney ^^)/
    Thanks to you too for choosing the shop~ o/
    Props to you avi btw, love all gen V mon! One of your favs?
    I freakin love your sig
    I hardly even know why

    I just realized I am not the first to say this, ah well.
    the tao trio maybe cool as hell but they really are one big screw up reshiram was based on the empress pheonix and the concept of yang while zekrom was based on the emperor dragon and the concept of yin kyurem is wuji the absence of yin and yang and here is the screw up yang is masculine and yin is feminine so the one that represents the"queen" is a male and the one that represents the "king" is female nice job nintendo. but i never realy thought about inculeding the egg type into the mix
    i know thats one of the reasons dragons are my hobby so if you ever have any questions i'm your D.Human. by the by how the freak do i contact gamefreak and tell them that they have enough european stanard bodied dragons! Noivern is their first wyvern rayquaza only qualifies as a amphitere because he is based on Ziz dialga is a drake. kingdra is based on a freaking seahorse. lugia is based on Ryujin the dragon god of the sea for arceus' sake. we don't even get a true stereotypical asian lung and no i am not counting gyrados! sorry needed to rant for a little.
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