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  • yep there are all the kinds of amphiteres, then there are all the asian lungs, then the wyverns, the drakes, the standard bodied, the serpentine bodied, the sea dragons, and then there are the ones that don't fit into any category. :D
    anything to help a friend and i am glad to destroy the stereotype of "all dragons are red flying fire breathing six limbed monstrosities" there are over a hundred and seventy distinct species and people only tend to know of the greater european, and broad definition of asian lungs
    this morning i was looking through my office library and found the old beat up coloring book that jump started my interest in dragons and guess what kind of dragon makes his appearance next to an entire book full of dragons that a second of google searching can find verification of? the fairy dragon now i don't think you would want a scan of it cause it's from a coloring book but in the book it is right next to "real" dragons such as the amphitere quetzalcoatl fafnir and leviathan so it can probably be found on the internet with enough searching like any obscure mythological draconic figure
    dragons being my favorite subject i compiled information about them a long time ago i think i stumbled across the fairy dragon around 03 maybe 04 but i will see if i can find it again ASAP
    i accept your battle at the Trainer Station. can you make the thread? also, can we both use 2 pokémon instead of 4? :\ also, B/W battle
    Uh... Hey, guy... Vibrava was knocked out by Outrage. You need to send a new Pokemon and choose its attack. Sorry.
    just thought i'd let you know it's your turn in our battle, syn can't access BMG so he reffed on aim and I c/ped the results and sent my move.
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