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  • awesome stuff dude thank you! hey if i trade anyone a pokemon it's theirs to do whatever they want with! i'd much prefer if anyone will be hacking them in any way that they take my OT name & ID number off them but other than that clone em trade em breed em kill em abuse em they're yours dude!
    sorry dude the forum died for at least 2 hours last night - i gave up refreshing & went to bed

    i should be on tonight if you're around dude - keep the modest one for yourself dude i don't need a particular nature for breeding or anything
    i sure can - i've even got a father with 4 egg moves (feint / close combat / fury attack / flail) to pass down - flail & close combat are good moves especially flail if using focus sash or endure & salec berry

    it's nearly 2.30am here so i'm off to bed in a bit - i'll be RNGing over breakfast though!

    be warned: egg moves are addictive! :-p i always use the bulbapedia pokemon pages & this site when breeding egg move combos: http://waitingforseedot.appspot.com/

    note to self: A:0/F:50

    (in case you're wondering - the A is for ability - see here for more info & the F is for gender ratio - the RNG calculator thingy works on female percentages - hence the F)
    i enjoy doing it it general but it once took me about a week to get a female jolly larvitar because RNG is like that - sometimes it just doesn't want to give you what you want! your first 3 came pretty quickly but the latter half started becoming buggers!

    anyway dude fire away i'll get breeding :)
    depends on how complicated they are - the last lot were all hard due to the natures/genders/abilities - to RNG any old pokemon takes maybe 20 minutes from start to finish - natures means a 1/25 chance of getting that nature - genders/abilities makes that a 1/50 of getting that gender/nature - gender & nature makes it a 1/100 chance - pretty damn hard!
    that's it dude! some are easy some are hard - that's about medium difficulty - Pinsir: Feint / Close Combat / Fury Attack / Flail was the hardest one i've done so far (getting Feint was the hardest part)
    oh dear i think i ate too much indian...

    egg move breeding is pretty easy but it does take a long time - i've done quite a few already (check my blog out dude!)

    i've got all the berries already dude - any you need?
    well i've got a thread here: <CLICKY!> looking for egg move pokemon so i can RNG with cooler moves - but nobody seemed to be up to the task...

    if you can do any of them i can RNG away all night! :p
    i have 2 DS's (well me & the missus but i "borrow" hers...) so i keep platinum in my green one & HG/SS in her red one
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