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Yes, I'm the every definition of skittish. I dunno if it's a good or a bad thing, though. xD

- I like Pokemon RPs. And cat as well as dog Pokemon. And Eeveelutions. :3 AND K-ON!!! <3

- I'm a Filipina (with some Spanish as well as Chinese blood) and proud of it.

Pokemon, RPs, being curious, writing, watching tv, sleeping, eating, playing with my dogs, and other stuffs. :3
August 8
A moonlit flower paradise. :3
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Snowpoint City Icicle Badge
First year college student


My first GIMP banner -- made it out of boredom. Nyar~
05/09/12: I claimed Glameow. :3 || 04/29/12: K-ON! and its best character, Mio Akiyama. <3
I did not create my avatar and profile pic; I found them on Google. Credit goes to whoever did. :D