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  • Holy conversation revival Batman!

    I will keep it in mind, and thank you for the offer.
    Thank you.
    Ehhh, it kinda depends on how you want to draw it. But, general tips for drawing Eevee... I would recommend you study 3D models of Eevee, especially its legs and back. Eevee has a big head, and the rest of its body is relatively small in comparison, so maybe look at that a bit when you first draw Eevee. In addition, certain angles make Eevee's ears look weird, especially when the ears are standing straight up like in stock pictures. I remember drawing a side-angle view of Eevee, and it was sad-looking, so the ears were drooped and tipped to the back. Any other way looked weird to me. You may also want to take into account the fluff around its neck in relation to the rest of its body. It's hard to see much of Eevee's chest and the start of its front legs with all that fluff.
    I think that's all I got.
    Eh, too lazy.

    I guess that makes sense. Hm, I guess I'll only really see how bad the eyes are when I decide to draw him. Interesting.

    Here, have a drawing of a shiny Eevee I did about a week ago!
    Eevee is a fairly easy Pokémon to draw. But that might just be because I'm so used to drawing them. The hardest part (in my opinion anyway) of drawing Eevee is the legs. Because of it's design, the legs are kinda like a dog's or a cat's or something. But if you kinda study Eevee's anatomy and other drawings of Eevee, you'll probably be able to get the idea of how the legs are supposed to look. Eevee has a fairly simple design, especially compared to some Pokémon, like Palkia or Aggron.
    Hey! Just wanted to let you know Ill be starting another tournament on march the 17th. Id love for you to participate!
    I don't know, I was going to give other people a chance to respond before I continued, but I'll post again, if it would help to get things moving along.
    Haha thanks! The reason I decided to graduate you now is twofold. You've almost got your team done, and have been doing well on showdown. As well as there being a influx of other players needing mentors. I won't stop helping you though. If you ever need advice, pokemon, or anything else hit me up!

    I'd be happy to battle you! Let me know when you want to. As you know the basics of battling I'd advise reading up on stratagy, pokemon, and the meta. The roads just begun for you! I really hope you'll enjoy competive battling.
    How's the team going? I'd also like you to know you've graduated! I've taught you all I can and helped you build a team. I hope you'll enjoy using your team, and challenge the BBL season 1! If you ever feel like battling me drop me a line!
    How's the team? I have a tournament I'm hosting that I'd like you to participate in. If you can finish your team by Monday I'd love to see you in it!
    Yea if you have all the games unlocked just go hog wild! If your doing a 252/252/6 or 4 :p then just dump 12 EVs on it till it's maxed, but I'd advise to be cautious with pokemon with non standard EV spreads. (Which I think is only Bannete and Arcanine)
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