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  • Yea Wednesday is fine! I didn't....... Darn I've been so busy breeding your team I forgot to do it. I'm really sorry ill message it to you tomorrow or this evening if I have time. 4/6 of your team is done by the way.
    Your Dratini is ready and she's a girl. What would you like me to nickname it? I'm also currently breeding Growlithe and that should be done today any nicknames for a Growlithe?
    Alright I'm out in town right now. Leave your FC in a visitor message and I'll add you when I get home. The point of choice specs is to either hit a pokemon for super effective damage and switch. Or keep Magnezone in and try to hit the team for neutral damage. I'd like you to use choice specs as it aids in helping you predict and it helps you hone your skills.
    I'm glad the team is working I have your magnemite ready for you to have. I also almost have a abra bred for you I'll let you know when it's bred. By the way signal beam is going have to be replaced for shadow ball as alakazam can't learn signal beam in gen 6
    Alright I've been using your team on showdown and it's quite the team! I'm breeding abra right now and I got you a HP Ice magnemite you can use. With the help of Sharkshocker were getting you a good one to use. How are you liking the team? Last night I also noticed I didn't tell you the EV spreads, natures, or items of your team I'm going to send you a message with all that info.
    i live in CST. I also had work today so ive been a little busy. Ill be available in a bit probably about an hour and half from now. Is that good for you.
    Hey Skittypaws! How's it been? I was hoping we could work on a team tomorrow. Would you happen to be available in the afternoon tomorrow?
    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I've been fairly busy with a school paper. But while i had some free time I built a test sun team and hopped on showdown a couple times. After awhile of using it I've determined the new mechanics in gen 6 have it made it much harder to run a viable sun team. So I'd like to shift gears and work on a balanced team that covers it's weaknesses well. I think that will be easier for a beginner like yourself to jump into comp. Thanks for your patiance
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