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  • Yea that sounds good we'll have to see how the team actually runs. Dragonite is more of a bulky sweeper he can take advantage of sun but he isn't a fire type sweeper per say.
    Good thinking maybe life orb talonflame? Talonflame would do work with priority brave birds you could knock out most water sweepers. We could also do a dragonite wich resists water.
    We are going to get you up to getting all six! I'm thinking excadrill is going to be good for your team. We need to keep Houndoom, Venasaur, and Ninetails. If we keep Slowbro and add Excadrill I'm thinking we should add another fire type sun sweeper. Maybe Infernape or Darmanitan?
    Hey Skittypaws I just wanted to let you know I'll be on a trip till Monday. So I'll be unavailable to watch wifi battles or anything involving wi fi. I'll be able to help with team building though. Which is the most important part. Have you thought of a pokemon you want to build a team around?
    Hi I'm your mentor for the BBL Mentorship program. I understand you are not completely new to pokemon and I'd be happy to help any way I can. Feel free to get back to me when it's convenient.
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