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    GEN VI: Looking for Kyogre

    I have a spare you can have. I am actually looking for zekrom if you have a extra.
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    GEN VI: LF: A list of Pokemon For Competetive Breeding! Please Help :)

    I'm so sorry but I don't. I checked all of my pokemon and none of them have what you requested. Thank you for replying though.
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    GEN VI: Legendary for Legendary

    I have two Palkias and two Tornadus, but I do not have Dialga or Thundurus. I would like one pokemon for its counterpart. For someone's information, I didn't play Generation 5 for personal and financial reasons.
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    GEN VI: Xerneas

    Do you have a legendary that you can spare/lend? I want one to keep, but at the same time I don't want to get rid of my Xerneas.
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    GEN VI: Looking For: Careful Ditto

    I have a Careful Nature Ditto for you. I'm not looking for a certain Pokemon right now, but could you help me evolve my Karrablast and Shelmet. I've already added your friend code and mine is listed in my signature. Is this alright?
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    GEN VI: LF: A list of Pokemon For Competetive Breeding! Please Help :)

    All I have it three Honedges with no guard and a adamant Spirittomb. LMK if interested.
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    GEN VI: 2 OR legendaries for 2 AS leendaries

    As said in the title, I have two OR legedaries to giveaway; one is Palkia and the other one is a Tornadus. In exchange for Palkia I would like Dialga, and for Tornadus I would like Thundurus Thank you for taking the time to read my want thread :-)
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    The Sparkle Shoppe

    Hello. I'm not sure if this will get noticed or not, but I was hoping to get a shiny IV bred Pichu with Volt Tackle. I have a Light Ball so no need to look for one. I always wanted a shiny Pichu and I tried breeding for one, but after 600 I started to give up. Since your offering IV bred...
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    GEN VI: Some kind of Diancie

    Okay. Thank you so much! 2380-3676-4199 IGN Heather I'll be able to trade within this week after lunch. When specifically I don't know. See you then :)
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    GEN VI: Some kind of Diancie

    I have two Kyorgres: one of them I nicknamed Raindrop with 1 perfect IV in special attack. Raindrop has a bashful nature while the other one has a gentle nature. Both have body slam, calm mind, ice beam, and hydro pump and level 45. The Tornadus came from Japan through wonder trade. When I...
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    GEN VI: Some kind of Diancie

    You know what is worse then not getting the Diancie code before the expiration date? Trying to get the Diancie card at the beginning of the giveaway and have the all the Game Stops within a 50 mile radius all given out and not planning to get more cards. Boy, was I upset. Then I got to...
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    GEN VI: A few Pokemon left...

    Okay. So for a level 1 Eevee with a fairy move you'll give me a drilbur. Sounds fair to me! It doesn't have to have high IVs or anything of that nature. I don't have Mega Y stones...:-/ That you so very much! I'll try and check that out if I don't get all the Pokemon I need. I was able to get...
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    GEN VI: A few Pokemon left...

    I do have some fairy move eevees. I think I rather have the drilbur then the tynamo for safety/reassurance reasons. Is that okay?
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    GEN VI: A few Pokemon left...

    Hello to those that are taking the time out of your busy day to read this. I have some few common Pokemon left to get for my Pokedex. These are the Pokemon that I am looking for: Drilbur (The reason I ask for these is because I do have any of their evolutionary forms as well) I can offer: IV...
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    Your "HOLY CRAP!!!" Moments

    If you mean my signature I couldn't find sprites in the pokemon sprite list. I am still working on that signature. Other then that, I have no idea what you are talking about. Back to the topic at hand, I believe that Chuggaconroy has the best HC Moments ever.