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    Cable Club Trade Records

    Traded 3 Candies for TMs Ice Punch, Blizzard, and Thunder. -closed-
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    Cable Club Trade Records

    Trading three candoos to Ihfrett for his TM Blizzard, TM Thunder, and TM Ice Punch.
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    Cable Club Trade Records

    Whoo! Base Token for candoodle. -confirmed- Oh, and check your PM box O:
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    The Water Zone: Sapphire Island *CAPPED*

    Aslan. Was. Pissed. He stalked out from the water, shaking uncontrollably with rage. His eyes began to glow blue, and the liquid covering him flew from his body, splattering onto trees, bushes, and back into the pool. He looked to Jeff, eyes blazing. <Can I do this MY way now?> his voice...
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    The Water Zone: Sapphire Island *CAPPED*

    OOC: Beckles, thanks for letting us continue. Also, I apologize again for letting you down. I hope you have luck in finding an assistant. Jeff watched as Aslan and Poliwrath glared each other down, neither creature showing any fear. Poliwrath then narrowed its eyes, and began to clench his...
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    Cable Club Trade Records

    Yay! Trading a candoodle for a Dragon Fang, which I'll immediatly attach to my Orosaur :3 Thanks Gary. [Trade Confirmed, wot?]
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    Cascadia's Recorded History

    Jeff watched as the trio of Pokemon continued to attack the behemoth Gyarados, who roared in pain as the moves struck their marks again and again. Jeff was a little worried when the Gyarados used its Hydro Pump, but Jamie, and in essence Tifa, evaded the attack at the last second. Jeff let out...
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    ZO/ZA Absences

    I'm off for a week to Hawaii. Be back on the 19th. Much <3 to all here.
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    The Move Tutor Records

    Payment Dropping off Faiyaa's Wartortle for EM Mirror Coat.
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    Training Center Records

    Picking up Faiyaa's Wartortle with Strength.
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    Candy Store Records

    Pokemart +1 Candy for Faiyaa. Depositing. Move Tutor -1 Candy for Faiyaa. Withdrawing.
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    Pokémart Records

    Picking up a Candy for Faiyaa.
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    The Egg House Records

    Why does "interesting" normally include "sick/disgusting/weird in the bad way" things? --; Anyway, picking up a Grass Nature Egg for Faiyaa.
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    Daycare Records

    Picking up Faiyaa's Level 11 Mantine and Level 61 Typhlosion. Dropping off Faiyaa's Level 11 Mantine and Level 61 Typhlosion.
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    Cable Club Trade Records

    Trading 1 Rare Candy for Benmeister's Base Token. [confirmed]