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  • oh, so it's a reference to a book? pardon my ignorance then, i thought it was just a general insult ^^"
    Yep, Johto is awesome! I also love Kanto, and I've to say, Sinnoh is my least fav.

    I like the regions in this order:

    1.) Johto
    2.) Kanto/ Isshu (I really like them both :D)
    3.) Hoenn (Hoenn is awesome, but I like Johto/Kanto/Isshu by a lot more)
    4.) Sinnoh
    I love Espeon :D It and Umbreon are my fav. eeveelutions. I also love Suicune and Ttar! Johto has brought us so many awesome pokemon, I love it :]
    Yep, I know which one you're talking about. I don't really like it either, I like Politoed's evo line better.

    Yeah, bugs need more love. They're awesome and tough pokemon. My favorite pokemon ever, is Heracross, if you haven't noticed :p Followed by Scizor or Urugamosu. What's your fav. pokemon?
    I can't wait either. I'm getting Pokemon White :D

    I'm not familiar with the plot at all, and I don't wanna spoil it. Right now I'm trying to focus on getting to know the pokemon. I don't know their names by heart, but I'll know them when I see them.

    I have no clue who Otomaru is, but if I see a pic, or just a description, I'll know what it is. I LOVE Terakion and Sazando! But my all-time favorite is Urugamosu! I LOVE Bug pokemon :D (Well, most of them)
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