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  • I am so sorry ;_; First I had work suddenly call me in, and then I had a family emergency, and THEN my computer got a virus that was hacking my information, and THEN I deleted the virus but it had messed with my internet settings, and I couldn't figure it out for like three or four days, and THEN, FINALLY today, Akinai helped me reset my DNS and settings and stuff and my internet is finally working hooray! And today will be my last day off for a long time, so I will do my best to get your curation done today. Again, I am soooo so sorry! I haven't forgotten you ;_;
    no idea. look thru the logs i guess?? pidge, wtp, webmaster & ash k all reftested me i think, maybe other ppl did too
    So hey, it's getting close to the 9th and I figure we must as well work out some of the rules that we were waiting to work out after seeing how many people we got for the forum festival. At last count there are 36 participants. I figure so far that:

    *There will be 20 rounds
    *CM will max at 20
    *Four days for sends, possibly five, since there are so many people. Four should be good and already makes this thing last for a while lol
    *We already talked about the special rule, which we'll be using since there's enough people to justify a high enough CM. I spruced it up a bit so it should make things more interesting (basically just spread a few of the same effects through all the other unique ones XD)
    *The main thing we should hammer out is Nervousness rates. Since there are so many people maybe we could try 20/15/10/5? Especially if lots of people decide to just spam things like Mean Look because they don't have any clue wtf else to do XP

    I'm thinking I'm going to go ahead and make a post for people to send their Pokemon now, so I can get them all sorted by the 9th when the actual festival goes up. That way we don't have to have any delays in getting moves and stuff and we can smoothly get the things going.

    You can post it whenever, just lemme know :3.

    I was talking to Ash and I have a few ideas for special rules. There was a main one I wanted to use that I've unoriginally called Lady Luck XD. I'll IM you about it so there's not walls of text here n_n.


    Dog of Hellsing (12:47:47 PM): K
    Dog of Hellsing (12:47:49 PM): First thing's first
    Dog of Hellsing (12:47:52 PM): Forum Contest
    Dog of Hellsing (12:48:02 PM): I wanted to do a massive one for the release of URPG on PxR
    Dog of Hellsing (12:48:35 PM): I already know we can get at least 10 ppl from BMG and PWN since it's happened before, and with expanding to PxR, there's sure to be other people who'll be willing to take part
    Dog of Hellsing (12:48:39 PM): Especially if we don't use stats
    Dog of Hellsing (12:49:01 PM): Get the newer people into the basics and then they could work on stats if Contests seem like something they'd want to do regularly
    Ash K. (12:50:15 PM): lol contest stats
    Dog of Hellsing (12:50:27 PM): lol
    Dog of Hellsing (12:50:31 PM): Well
    Dog of Hellsing (12:50:35 PM): Thinking I'd try for like
    Dog of Hellsing (12:50:36 PM): 20 ppl
    Ash K. (12:50:37 PM): Have you seen this yet? http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f398/problems-nervousness-162757/
    Dog of Hellsing (12:50:52 PM): And be like 15-20 turns, and prob have the CM set to 15

    From yesterday. And I wouldn't mind doing a 15-year Anniversary one, either :D. ALL THE MONEY WHEEEEE.

    Seriously, we need to get on AIM (or Skype or whatever) at some point so we can talk about Contest stuff. On a slightly related note, DoH Judged an RSE contest today and that went quite well (a few others (Siless and Monbrey I think) and I double checked her stuff to help work out the rust from years of not judging, most of it was stuff most people would probably do on an off day). She says she's going to Judge a lot, so yay activity! NOW WHEN YOU CAN GET ON AIM AND FACE ME SO WE CAN DO THE OTHER STUFF THAT NEEDS DOING! Also, I may take the RSE Test if I have time.
    7:16 PMAirik Talor
    on the subject of things not being seen through hows SLC's plan to update and improve the contest section?
    7:16 PM"derp"iluvhim4eveh
    7:16 PM"mylittleurpg"ttartrainer
    7:16 PM"mylittleurpg"ttartrainer
    lol Felly
    7:16 PM"smugleaf"[email protected]
    7:16 PMAsh K.
    I posted a massive update to the BW stuff last night
    7:16 PMAirik Talor
    lol Felly dont take his name in vain
    7:16 PM"mylittleurpg"ttartrainer
    7:16 PMAirik Talor
    You did
    7:16 PMAirik Talor
    wheres SLC
    7:17 PMthedinobot
    why wouldn't people do ffas because they fear of getting kicked
    7:17 PMAsh K.
    Running from me, apparently
    No worries, I've been monitoring the communication and you've been trying your best to schedule stuff. Keep trying, and if it doesnt happen I'll push you through.
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