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  • Hey sup Prison Mike. You may remember me from the chat thread, we both have a birthday on June 20th, remember?

    I just wanted to strike up a chat, you seem like a cool dude ^^.
    I wasn't much of a person to pay attention to the music scene until I was maybe ten or so. I do, however, remember the fact that my mom liked Justin Timberlake.
    You remember a scant smidgeon of the '90s? Lucky.

    I wonder where that thread of mine went...
    My parents were living in Puerto Rico when my mom got pregnant with me. During the last few weeks of my gestation, they stayed at my (paternal) grandma's house in Michigan. Pretty much immediatly after I was born, we went back to Puerto Rico, where we continued to live for maybe half a year. Then mom decided that Peurto Rico isn't a good place to raise a kid, so we moved to Texas in late 1997. Then in 1999 my little bro was born and suddenly my mom thought "Hey, let's move to New Mexico!" and so we did later that year. We lived there until 2001, and now here we are in the west-central general area of Florida.

    I have, like, one memory of life before Florida, from New Mexico, year 2000. I don't remember Puerto Rico at all. It's the only time to date that I've been outside of the USA proper. Just being born in the late 1990s in general sucks 'cause not a whole lot of us remember anything pre-2000.

    I even made a thread about my earliest memory where I complained about being born in the late '90s a bit more. I forget if you posted in it or not. I still don't know where it went now that Outside the Box has been moved around a bit. :p
    We took a vacation to the Keys a few years ago and now Key West is my dream home town.

    A large part of it has to do with my living in Florida most of my life and wanting to stay here like an oblivious loyalist should, but still, Key West is pretty swell.

    Oblivious loyalist, save for my dislike of key lime pie, that is.

    (Say, how long have you lived in this here wonderful swampy bunghole of a place?)
    Okay, I'll give you the full story. xP

    When we first moved to Florida in 2001, we lived in the Charlotte Harbor area (St. James City, to be exact, but we moved to Port Charlotte soon afterward). While living in Port Charlotte, my parents divorced and my dad moved to North Port. So my brother and I visited our dad up in North Port every week-end while we mainly lived with our mom in Port Charlotte. Then my mom moved to St. Petersburg in 2006 and brought us with her. So every week, she would drop us off at our dad's house in North Port while she worked her store she still had down in Port Charlotte. Then earlier this year my dad died, and we've basically been keeping the same schedule as usual, but the bank is probably going to foreclose our dad's old house in the near future. After this happens, we'll be living in St. Petersburg 24/7.

    So technically you could say I live in St. Petersburg at the moment, but I think you can see why I typically just say "the west-central general area".

    And there ya go. Don't say I didn't warn you.
    Do you want the abridged version or the full explanation? Lots of things about me are a tad more complicated than they should be. :p
    I posted the Earth blog, and you were right, it started a flame war. >_>

    Now my questions on whether or not Earth should be saved will never be answered.
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