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  • Hey there. I really need a ditto safari and I have a cool steel one. Can we add eachother? I saw you post elsewhere.
    Hi! I see you have a DITTO safari. If you would be willing to trade freind codes, that would be awesome!
    Thanks for adding me! I think we need to be online at the same time in order for me to get Ditto. When are you usually on?
    Hello, slim lol. I see that you have a Ditto safari and was wondering if I could add your friend code? (if i ain't full). if so, my fc is on my profile. :cool:
    Hi! I saw you had a Ditto safari and was wondering if I could add your friend code. Mine is 3239-2624-7117. :)
    Even just starting with the basics really opens you up, like how a hip-hop beat sounds different to techno. Just gotta ease yourself into it.

    Right, I'm off for the night, it's quickly creeping up to 3am over here.
    Whenever I make a mistake I just close the program out of frustration! I'd give FL Studio a go if you haven't, it's easier to learn than Cubase or Reason, and there's tonnes of tutorials on youtube. There's loads of stuff I don't know how to do.
    Never heard of Serato. I like VDJ, once you get used to the layout it's pretty easy to use. I muck around in FL Studio now and then, just creating beats. I'm too harsh on myself so i usually delete them haha.
    I DJ a little, just with Virtual DJ though, and just for fun since I always mess it up. I like all kinda of techno/house, old, new, weird, vocal, instrumental, whatever. It's all good.

    My favourite song of all time is the vocal mix of Mr Finger's Can You Feel It. Fucking timeless.
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