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  • Fair enough, some people prefer the ease of mp3s. I like having a physical collection.

    I might need to hear Alive 2007 again, haven't heard it in a couple years. I think Drukqs works so well because you have the weird dnb shit, the ethereal ambient passages and jarring piano parts. A masterpiece.

    What kind of dance music do you like? Ambient techno makes up most of my listening, I'm utterly obsessed with Deepchord.
    Far out. I listened to OK Computer and In Rainbows today, really enjoy them. I'm kinda tired of Daft Punk, but Discovery is still a good album, just can't be arsed with the rest haha. I have SAW 85-92, I love that and one of these days I'll need to get Drukqs, I think that's a genius album. I love the Beatles, Abbey Road is my no.1 choice.

    I don't really listen to that much rap, sparingly, I'm more into techno. I have like 300 CDs and I'd estimate half of that is techno and house. And I'm really into jazz.
    There's seem to be fans of pretty much anything on here, you just gotta find them. Or convert them :p
    You're literally the second person to comment on LS tonight haha.
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