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  • Been a while miss Small! (Crys I think your name was if I remember) Hope you've been well these last few years.

    I was excited about the new games, but my excitement has fizzled lol Wish that someone could Dynamax it for me :LOL:
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    Oh god don't even get me started on the Kanto pandering. They've been doing this for the past six years. I don't understand why they bother making new Pokemon when they're just going to have Kanto Pokemon front and center. I played X/Y and S/M and my patience is wearing thin.
    I'm at a point where I actually look for fangames or romhacks to have more creativity. Really do think that it's a fear to truly innovate , and when they do then it's in half measures.

    Maybe I should wait to hold judgement on Sword and Shield. But I'm certainly not expecting no Zelda BOTW from it, though I'd like to be proved wrong.
    Yeah...I'll wait until I see what the Galar Pokedex looks like. If it's mostly Kanto Pokemon, then I'll probably skip it.
    And then just like last year I say it again! Happy birthday to ya! Hope this one is even better than I said I hope your last one would be!
    Hey. Since there really isn't anything to discuss these days that isn't negative, I was wondering if you might be interested in my fanfic.
    So long as auto charm is limited to just UB-02 Beauty I think its okay. (& that thing's BST isn't insane..) Though with my luck that means never being able to attack at all D:
    Same, and I'm really hoping there will be more differences aside from time.

    Sure! Its been a while, and I miss my thinking N image. :p Was seriously considering throwing up a Team Skull placeholder lol
    Hey miss Small! What do you think of the newest games so far? (Hope you've been well btw)

    I honestly have more interest in this gen than the last. I really hope that GF are going the more "mysterious" route like it seems so far, rather than wooing everybody with megas.
    Thanks! & I know, though some Megas are genuinely broken. The way that ORAS set it up, is that it appears M-Evolution is in a whole separate universe. I wonder if Game Freak will continue to focus on this universe, or ever return to the original with its lack of Megas. At least this way, they could potentially save themselves should M-evos had not proved that popular. Yeah, B/W's original plot was very nice and a bit more mature. I really liked that direction, because it felt like the series matured with me for once.

    This: Oculus Rift, Sony, And The Coming Virtual Reality Revolution | Fast Company | Business + Innovation There are many articles, look up the HTC Vive while your at it and be amazed. Basically, Nintendo's current direction has been the direct opposite, the result of which has been the Wii U's poor sales IMO. GameFreak & Ninten need to focus on user experience more, which is why I cited the VR change. It offers something different in how we approach games and gameplay, and perhaps that could be reflected storywise as well. Hopefully that idea makes sense anyways XD
    Thats good. I'm just trying to survive my first semester of College lol

    :lol: I've kinda gotten used to it, but it wouldn't be so bad if they gave those evolutions to mons that actually needed them. Won't lie, I like Mega Rayquaza for example, but at the same time it is so pointless y'know? I'm more interested in story elements, things that matter. Wish Game Freak focused on the experience of the player character, and how they felt/experienced in that world. Maybe this Virtual Reality experience revolution will wake up Nintendo in general. There I go rambling again, didn't you miss that? Be well miss small, hopefully you'll be active here like the old days?
    Hey, been a while miss small! Things going alright with you?

    Hope this year brings something special for all the Pole'gamers here, I've been kinda out of the 6th gen, not that it isn't good itself in ways.
    I think that his explanation is better than "Hilbert/Hilda went to another region to look for N," which is what we got from B2W2. That wasn't deleted...
    My take on "holiness" is a hero syndrome, honestly. He seems to be saying that they took too much upon themselves and paid a price for it.

    As for why he tweeted about this, he got into a frenzy following his tweet about the timeline. He received questions about other characters (nothing too interesting) and then he apparently got the urge to add something... different. I think that he deleted the tweet after realizing that he'd gone too far.
    I thought you should know about a recent tweet from Toshinobu Matsumiya (Game Freak's scenario writer) about the fate of Hilbert/Hilda. He has since deleted the tweet, but I saved the text and asked for a translation from a friend:

    As described by the social anthropologist Lévi-Strauss, the ones who passed the rites of passage will possess holiness. Therefore Cheren and Bianca can advance toward their respective dreams. But Hilbert and Hilda possess such excessive holiness due to Team Plasma that they are viewed as heroes, unable to dwell in the workaday world. But sharing this holiness with N shall balance it, so they continue their journey. But due to being the hero at the current moment, calamity ensues during their travels and they are unable to return to Unova....... This is my fantastic imagination for the BW protagonist.
    Yeah, while we probably didn't see it back then, the trend of new formes did start in Gen 4 even though the "concept" was introduced in Gen 3. I still like Giratina's origin forme a bit better than the regular one, but they probably should have stopped then.

    Formes would be fine if they weren't so numerous nowadays and as you said meaningful. The worse case scenario is that every past big time/box art legend would get a new forme, but hopefully Game Freak knows better. Hopefully. There has to be better ways of handling legends than new formes.
    I just hope Xerneas/Yveltal are spared the new forme treatment. :p I'll see where Mewtwo's forme takes it as far as development goes, but from here on out I really hope things will be different.
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