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  • Nine of the 39 Missingno. have unique cries, stored between real Pokémon cries unlike blank data (0 base [Nidoran♂], 0 pitch and 0 length). Coincidentally, one of them index number 81 sounds like Poliwag or Pidgey (yet a little longer) and another index number 94 sounds like Dragonair but it isn't exactly the same. These seem to match with the prototype Poliwag family (although Poliwhirl seems to look the same) and Dragonair designs. Perhaps some of the nine cries were based on a handful of Game Freak's prototype designs. However, a few of the cries seem identical to existing Pokémon, such as index number 69 which sounds identical to Zubat. What are your thoughts on the unused Pokémon designs that Game Freak may have postponed for Generation II?

    Notably, one of the Missingno. (index no. 181)'s cry is reminiscent to Crobat from Generation II. Unlike other attributes of Missingno., such as their base stats derived from Bikers (base stats are determined by 0x0383DE + (PkmnNo. - 1) * 0x1C in Red/Blue), these cries may have to been defined intentionally, because the cries are stored in between the ROM offsets (starting at 0x39446 in Red/Blue) for legitimate Pokémon cries and they remain consistent between versions. The other 30 Missingno. cries have blank data for cries (0 base i.e. Nidoran♂, 0 pitch and 0 length). Do you know of any information on Crobat from before the official release of Pokémon Gold and Silver?

    I also remember you from Glitch City Laboratories forums, as Redstar you made some very interesting posts.
    Hi SmearglePaints.

    Thank you again for providing a link to the translated version of the picture!

    I thought that the fact that the 'new designs' "Kasanagi", "Kokana" and the undecided Pokémon were being designed for 'Pokémon 2' was very strange, because if Pocket Monsters 2 as we know it was the development title was for Pokémon Gold and Silver, why are they considered as new designs? Recently, as you probably already know Glitterberri translated a 1997 interview, found on Game Staff List Association Japan where Satoshi Tajiri remarked that "more than 200 designs" were designed for Generation I. This correlates to the Capsule Monsters sketches and Papyō being labelled as '211', but he also suggested that in the early development of Generation II, there were already designs for over 350 Pokémon, which also leaves potentially more Pocket Monsters 2 designs made after Generation I was finished (including Pokémon like Honōguma and Kurusu, in addition to the unused Generation I/Capsule Monsters designs.)

    My guess is that Game Freak was considering older designs from Generation I and whether they should make it into Pokémon 2. Satoshi Tajiri mentioned Game Freak were currently already fine tuning all the Pokémon they made. As you already know, there were 39 different index numbers for Missingno. which adds up to 190 Pokémon; the number of Pokémon that Shigeki Morimoto supposedly confirmed as existing at Pokémon World Championships 2010 when Zog of Smogon interviewed him. (...continued)
    That was your account? Sorry about that. But now the artwork is on Bulbapedia and we really should trace the source to get a better feeling about its veracity.
    Out of curiosity, why were you both quiet about the discovery? Kage no Mushi isn't mentioned anywhere, so if the artwork is genuine it is a pretty big deal.
    It seems that SailorClef discovered another unused Pokémon over a year ago. Did you know about this? Do you have a link to the archive where she found the artwork?
    His theory is full of holes, but the fact that the Missingno. used to be real Pokémon isn't trivial; I don't think many people viewed them as much more than garbage data. Also, the fact that Game Freak planned more games (which is why the Pokémon were removed) at a time when they had no way of knowing how successful Red and Green would be, also says a lot.

    This trivia is also interesting to me for another reason. There are 25 missing index numbers (the ones between Celebi and Treecko) in Generation III, which are quite comparable to Missingno. If you read the discussion here, someone theorized that the additional 25 Unown letters were originally independent from Unown A, only to be erased when Game Freak decided to use the personality value to determine Unown's shape. What that person failed to take into account is that (unlike the Deoxys Formes) the 28 Unown shapes do have separate index numbers, with the last 27 being located at the end of the list (although the only data associated with those numbers is the sprites). It is unlikely that Game Freak just moved the 25 Unown letters for basically no reason at all.

    I think it is completely feasible that Game Freak imported some of the old data from the GBA version of Pokémon X they had partially developed, meaning that those 25 slots represent unused Pokémon. They might have intended to use Pokémon in Generation III (probably not in Ruby and Sapphire themselves), but decided against it eventually just as they had done with the Missingno. in Generation I.
    There is something in Generation I that I've only just found out: There are only 39 Missingno., with the other 66 index numbers being garbage data. Why is this important? Because Shigeki Morimoto confirmed that there were, in fact, going to be 190 Pokémon in Generation I.

    If you read that entire thread, you'll see that the person who made this discovery was most likely wrong about the original Pokémon being the Generation II Pokémon that correspond to the Missingno.'s index numbers (in particular Ho-Oh, which Morimoto said was not going to be included in Red and Green).

    Did you have any idea about this?
    Very interesting! I would love to see the in-game art if you're willing to share.

    And honestly I'm not sure. I know Zeta said he thought he read about Pokemon 64 in an EGM from the time but we're pretty sure now that he's wrong anyway. Thanks for the info, though, I appreciate it and I'll check those out in case.
    I'm surprised you feel that way. To me, the mystery is the most appealing aspect of unreleased elements.

    I would like to see those drawings, actually. I won't deny that I care more about the beta Johto games, though.
    Do you know anything about Aqua, Aquaria and Animon? They were shown alongside Unown at Spaceworld 97. It seems obvious that Aquaria evolved from Aqua, but was Animon connected to Unown?
    I've found it. Tsunekazu Ishihara was the interviewee, but he didn't deny the game's development.

    I guess Ishihara wanted to make a point that the game wouldn't really be called "Pokémon X", and that it wouldn't be a fully-fledged online game. I'm not sure why anyone took this to mean that he was denying its development. He wasn't even asked about the new Pokémon that Nintendo said would be downloadable, so we can't tell if he was referring to a third version, which Crystal ended up being months later.
    It is so puzzling that Game Freak denied the existence of a game that had been mentioned by Nintendo ("In order to do a new cullular phone game, Pokemon fits the bill because of its collecting and exchanging capabilities." is a comment if I ever saw one), as opposed to being rumored by fans. I'd like to know if the interviewer asked Game Freak about a third version or a new game.

    This is particularly interesting because as you probably know, there was a recent case of denial by the Game Freak staff. Mana Ibe not merely denied the development of a third game to Black and White, but she outright said that t it would never happen. Later, Masuda was asked to explain why the company was not interested in such a game, and he denied ever saying that. The truth is that he didn't reveal anything, not even denying his colleague's statement because that wasn't the question. Since Masuda is the company director, fans shrugged off Ibe's claim and are certain that a third version is due for release, but I have my reasons to doubt that. For one thing, Ibe didn't have to say anything explicit and yet she did, whereas Masuda merely didn't want to give fans any ideas about the future of the series. I wouldn't be surprised if Masuda was the one who denied Pokémon X's existence, especially if the interviewer referred to it as a new game (which it would have been if it had been released for the GBA).
    Remember this?

    "The clandestine Pokemon X remains an enigma to Pokemon fans everywhere. Nintendo has made no comment on this rumored game, and a recent interview with members of Game Freak on ABCNEWS.com led to a denial of its existence.

    Despite the fact that the title Pokemon X appears on official Japanese game release schedules-its rapidly approaching release date is April 2000-Nintendo has made no comments on the game, and the name itself remains merely a working title.

    The only facts known about Pokemon X so far is that it will be sold simultaneously with a cellular phone adapter unit. Using this unit, you can connect to Nintendo's host computer, where you can fight with other users or even collect new characters from the Nintendo Server.

    Nintendo has made no comment on whether Pokemon X will be one of the existing Pokemon titles with the cellular phone function added to it or if X will be a completely new game. Yamauchi stated in Famitsu magazine that 'in order to do a new cullular phone game, Pokemon fits the bill because of its collecting and exchanging capabilities.'"

    It's from the beginning of our communication. You posted it but I didn't ask for the source; I'm asking now because I've never found that ABCNEWS.com interview.
    Ooh, beta info, do tell. Lock Capsule is going pretty well I supposed, right now I'm looking into getting a new hosting service since their pricing has become insane and their setup has a lot of limitations. I'll keep you posted.
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