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  • Oh, woops! I forgot to check thanks to the holiday craziness. Thanks a lot! It looks great! Now if only I could learn to draw like that...
    Didn't want to clutter the thread so I thought I'd post it here - Thanks so much for the art!! They both look great! :~)

    And yes, I will have to come up with a good name for no-name, aha. ^^ Thanks again, and I hope you've had a nice holiday season/month!
    Thanks for the quick response. I'm not exactly in a rush, so whenever you're ready let me know (and tell me if you want anything extra in return). It's going to be a
    so the pattern shouldn't be too hard to deduce...
    Hey, are you still willing/available to clone? I've got a poké that I want to both give to some friends and keep for myself ...
    Thanks : D! And I saw that you finished it, I can't say enough how awesome it is and that I love it!
    I literally have two boxes of sentrets so I don't mind losing them ahahahaha. If you still want those extra dream ball females I can give you them later. They're extras from Dream Radar.
    Is this the method that involves losing one pokemon in the process? I don't want to give you back your Escavalier right now if it is ahahaha. Don't want you to lose it!
    I bought dream radar recently so I've got extra Dream Ball pokes, I'm going to give you some of them as fodder.
    Yep, IGN is Lulu. I actually got my legends cloned thanks to a cloner on Serebii, but I'd really like a couple clones of my pokeball vivillion. Would three clones be alright?
    I have another cloning favor to ask! Do you think you could clone my Arceus, Shaymin, Mew, and Pokeball Vivi? I'd like two of Arceus and Mew so I can give one set to my French friend who got me the Vivillion.

    I'll definitely understand if it's a bit much, this is a much bigger order than last time x_X I'm trying to get the event legends I don't have yet.
    Thank you! I don't know if you have it already but I figured an enigma berry would be a nice present, so I stuck one on your Whimsicott.
    Heya, I was wondering if you could clone a poke for me? I just need the one. Though I don't mind accepting clones from others I'm not sure how I feel on trading them, buuut I'm 99.99% sure this poke was cloned already, so I might as well. It'd be nice to get another Blazikenite too, is it ok if I put that on it?
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