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  • In attempt of not wanting to drag thread about older character return of topic about Brock, i feel need to say how whether Brock was bland is matter of subjective perception with each person having different view on what is "bland" and what is "interesting". Personally i liked Brock a lot more in Hoenn than i did in Johto(though ill admit nothing tops Kanto), and in Sinnoh he had some memorable moments too. Its just he was too neglected at times preventing him from being more productive and show his true quaities more often on surface. Still in Cilan special he was great imo.

    p.s, Apologies for this random drop in, just wanted to say how reason why that person listed Brock as potential candidate to imprive anime, was because he maybe wasn't bored of Brock still finding him fun?
    Considering how she'll be traveling with Ash and will most likely encounter Team Rocket and maybe wild Pokemon introduced for the sheer sake of conflict, I dare say that Fennekin will be used in those battles at the very least. That's all I'm going to say.

    I'd love to go back and forth endlessly with this but let's not, okay?
    Honestly, nobody truly knows what they'll do. But to say Serena won't use Fennekin in battle is pretty damn out there. Whether it evolves or not is debatable since it's not as "cutesy-wootsy" like Oshawott or Piplup but then again, Snivy didn't evolve mostly out of negligence for screentime.
    So you're saying Serena will never battle at all (even against Team "forced conflict for the sake of conflict" Rocket) and picked Fennekin just for the hell of it? Sorry but even the writers for the Anime aren't that inept.
    Because it will barely get any battle screentime to evolve.
    But... Rhyhorn races are... races and not battles.
    SPOILERS: Rumour thread (SPOILERS - ALLEGED LEAKS) - Page 573
    That is just the cutest response.
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