• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.

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    TEEN: Burn Notice

    DISCLAIMER: Some mild language Prologue, If you're reading this thinking you are one then close out of this story right now. Your future depends on it. Ancient demons can smell you from miles away. The fate of demigods are very obsure and often very violent. Demigods, half god and half...
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    What was the last thing you did before you went on the computer just now?

    A perfect way to start the new year. lol
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    EVERYONE: Just a Little Christmas Story

    The snow was blinding. It was 3 below zero. This may sound like a typical January or February day. But it's not. It's Christmas Eve. The inside of the house was nice and cozy. The fire was crackling, our growlithe was laying in it. A meowth was curled up in a little ball, sleeping in...
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    TEEN: Dragon Ball Legacy (Chapter 12)

    Re: Dragon Ball Legacy This chapter was great! Can't wait for the next one! P.S. I am a Dragon Ball Z nut
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    Ash's Snivy VS Iris's Emogla

    Satoshi's Tsutarja is best!
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    StarShip: Kanto (Start Up)

    "You guys ready down there?" Chris radioed down to the engine room. "Yes but, are you sure the gravity suppressors are going to work?" they radioed back. "Of course I am! They are of my own secret design," Chris said (beginning to rant),"The power is equivalent to that of a black hole...
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    ATTENTION: Search has been disabled

    Thank goodness! I thought my computer had a virus. I'm glad that it isn't. =*.*=
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    StarShip: Kanto (Start Up)

    Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I had to lend my computer to my sis. I had written something for this but the webpage timed out and all of it was lost! :( Anyway, I'm so excited for the RPG to start. Starship Kanto!
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    TEEN: Dragon Ball Legacy (Chapter 12)

    Re: Dragon Ball Legacy Amazing story. Keep them coming! :)
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    Hello, my name is Professor Oak - Are you a boy or a girl?

    Welcome to Bulbagarden, Imposter Professor Oak (TCG Reference).
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    Bridges Sign-Up

    Sorry. My other name was getting quite stale but, that's off topic.
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    Bridges Sign-Up

    Does this mean I'm in? I can wait for the next time you play.
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    StarShip : Kanto

    Name: Chris Alder Age: 19 Occupation: Chief Engineer Personality: Creative and open-minded, slight temper, sometimes over confident in his skills but manages to find a way History: Chris is an over graduate of high school and was looking for a calling, so he joined StarShip Kanto Other: I can...
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    Bridges Sign-Up

    Please sign me up! :)
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    What do you write?

    Other than writing about Pokemon (my fav), I like to write about detective and mythology (Pokemon and real world) related stories, plus I add some humor through out my stories (or try to). A slight touch of romance between main characters always adds spice to the stories (sorry for sounding...