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  • I only have my single laptop screen - I do plan getting a second laptop just to watch videos.

    That's true - hoping that the psychic and flying type moves help out
    That's interesting - I don't have my DVD player anymore, I already donated it, as I rarely used mine - my laptop has a DVD player too.

    For water types I always go with my favorites - so Floatzel is my main choice. That's who I'm going with.

    That's a great idea - with both Siebold, Drasna, & Malva.
    At least I still have lots of time to figure out the move sets, I still have not yet challenged Viola. Only have 3 of the 6 Pokemon - the other 3 I will have to breed and transfer over. So far only have Mozart the Fennekin, RJ the Fletchling, and Kiara the Litleo.

    I had plan on using my favorite Eeveelution -Flareon- but at the end I decided on Litleo. I already have Flareon on 3 other teams (Eeveelution, my non-Hoenn team, and Fox Team)
    Just started a fire-type team in Pokemon Y - with Vulpix, Growlithe, Chimchar, Litleo, Fennekin, & Fletchling
    I know that I will have to catch a water type for surfing.
    Siebold will be very tough, he uses water types.
    Good Luck in finding all episodes on DVD - I can't give links at all since it's against Bulbagardens rules, but I watch the episodes online.

    I forgot the name of the episode, I do remember it.
    I remember it by memory since it's one of my favorite episodes from Black & White.

    I seen all the movies, "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew", "Zoroark and the Master of Illusions", and "Diancie and the Coccon of Destruction" are my 3 favorite movies, my least favorite is "Spell of the Unown: Entei"

    I'm caught up with all the episodes in the English Dub and the Japanese dub.
    It was in the episode "Minccino Neat and Tidy" - when both Ash and Cilan ended up in the water.

    Those where funny scenes.

    Every movie where Mew makes an appearance I just love.
    "Lucario and the Mytery of Mew" my most favorite Pokemon movie.
    Haha, I remember that - Bianca was funny for me, that running gag was hilarious. Ash ended up in the water, I think Cilan also ended up in the water once too.
    I sort of get why it may make you shudder, I had the complete opposite effect - every time it made that 'snicker' I just wanted to go there and safe it from Bianca.

    XY was too easy, so I didn't mega evolved my Lucario (not the one that Korrina gives away, one I caught as a Riolu) - I tried using Mega Lucario once in an online battle it lost really fast, Mienshao ended up winning the battle for me.

    My Eeveelution team is only at Camphrier Town, the way I'm playing is that between gyms I have to leave 3 in the PC box and bring out 2 more - are 8 Eeveelutions + Eevee itself, only 6 at a time per team.

    Arcanine looks awesome in that pic - I agree. It's already good as it is.
    At times it's difficult, especially when I want to hang up family photos have to get high to reach.

    That episode is correct - it's one of my many favorite episodes from Best Wishes, it made me laugh every time Bianca tried to play with Zorua and it kept running away.

    I also like the canine and wolf based Pokemon - I sligthly favor the foxes more, at least for the canine based Pokemon. Also Mega Lucario so far is the only Mega that I actually used and liked, the others aren't based on Pokemon I like so I haven't given them a try.

    At the moment I'm doing a few Theme Teams - mine are mostly inspired by a specific species or favorite movie of mine.
    Fox Team (which I'm documenting in Slateport City forums), Cat Team (I'm also documenting in Slateport City forums), Eeveelution Team, and two based on movies - "The Lion King" (first film), and my favorite characters from my favorite animated movie "Over the Hedge"

    Some Pokemon I didn't liked before, such as Qwilfish, Murkrow, Slowking, Diggersby, I actually started to like when I gave them a chance in a challenge - Qwilfish and Slowking in a water type team, Murkrow in a dark type team, Diggersby with "early normal types"

    I don't worry!! at times I enjoy reading rants. My main issue with Mega's is that only popular Pokemon got them (exception is with Lucario) normal play through are Pokemon I will never even consider using.
    Don't worry there Bomyne it's posted right. Don't mind my late reply - Yep it did notify, only I took a nap - I had just gotten back from work about 5 or 6 hours before I left you the VM.

    It's alright, I know many have phobias with poison or snakes - to me my main phobia is heights from a ladder, I can go up and down stairs with no problems, or be in an airplane without problem - just going up a ladder is my main phobia - I can go up first two steps up with no problem - once I start going up the 3rd step I start sweating and feel that I'm about to pass out.

    My avatar is from the anime - so I can't take credit for it - it does fit in with my personality, favorites in Pokemon, and favorites in real life animals - all my favorite Pokemon are based on their real life animals, so as long as the Pokemon resembles them in some way, they are favorites of mine (even if many other fans hate its design)

    I haven't updated my profile in some time, as I try to keep as accurate as possible - it's true - I tend to use my favorites most of the time - once in a while I'll go out of my comfort zone and try out a Pokemon mainly in challenges or 'Theme Teams' - I have to recheck my profile and see if I need to make any changes.
    I guess I'm your first visitor to leave you a VM!!
    that Growlithe avatar looks awesome.

    I like snakes in real life, Seviper is low on my favorites for a different reason that is that I prefer Zangoose (my 3rd favorite Pokemon) over Seviper.
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