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  • That's okay we all are busy. :)

    Yikes! Good luck with those classes. X_X

    Neat. I wish 3.33 would just come out in NA already. We have waited far too long for it and it still has not been released on DVD and BD. :( Did you watch 3.33 online? The one I saw had terrible fansubs so I couldn't even watch it. I haven't seen 3.33 yet. :( How was it?

    Who is your favourite Evangelion character? Mine is Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Shikinami Langley. She's kind of a tragic character, much like Shinji. It's sad what happened to her mom and how it affected her. But she is smart and confident even if she comes off as arrogant. Plus she's a red head. :) Her Rebuild counterpart (Shikinami) has some differences but is still overall similar to Soryu and imo still awesome.

    I still haven't really played my Alpha Sapphire although that's mostly because of my Xbox 360 and I bought a lot games on Steam so those have pretty much occupied my time. xD
    Same to you. =D It's been a long time. xD

    School + work = not fun at all. X_X I hope you did well. :)

    Have you watched Neon Genesis Evangelion or the Rebuilds?

    I barely touched my Alpha Sapphire. :p Never heard of Stanley parable. What’s it about?
    Long time no talk. :) How's everything going?

    I've been doing okay, just school been keeping me busy. xD Since summer vacation started, I've played Alpha Sapphire and re-watched Evangelion again. :)
    Wolf's Rain. That feels are strong with that one.

    I had never heard of From the New World until now. After looking it up, I now have another anime that I absolutely have to watch. D=
    Wwwrrryyy @Kakuna Matata;????
    I apologize for nothing. >:3c [sub](Useless trivia: I discovered that gem through BMGf as well.)[/sub]
    Thanks. I can probably do it at around 4:39-5 EST PM (GMT -5) tommorow.
    Let me know if this is good, I'm gazing to bed...
    I knew it! GMT -6 is CST which is my timezone, and you wake up at exactly the same time I do...and go to bed around the same time I do. Sometimes I go to bed slightly earlier, sometimes I go to bed slightly later. On average, I'm in bed by around midnight on work nights.
    Also explains why we commute home around the same time, though I hope your commute is better than mine.
    Incidentally, are you sure you're not one of my 127 clones running around this forum? :p
    This is war. I tell people when I am not at a keyboard partially to be polite, but also to let my fellow clones know that they need to keep an eye on the thread while I am away. The key to victory is coordination.
    Incidentally, we seem to have fairly similar schedules. What time zone do you live in, if you don't mind my asking?
    Apparently bulbagarden is elitist and won't let me send PMs until I have a post count of at least 10.
    In any case, I am using an iPhone 6+. My old phone, an iPhone 4, which I was fairly used to, conked out on me and I had to replace it less than a month ago.
    I am still trying to figure out how this new beast works. (I just imported the last of my previous settings earlier this week. I refuse to use iCloud or any online storage.)

    It doesn't help that I am also getting used to bulbagarden at the same time.
    Wow... Wal-Mart really did you dirty. That's why There are only a very few retailers that I trust. When it comes to something really important, like that DVD, I usually order it online. It's cheaper, and there are hardly any problems.
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