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  • You MUST tell Wal-Mart you will NOT take NO for an answer! Tell them to sell it to you, or bust!!!
    Sorry about that. I was playing with my brother and he told me he had to get off because his 2DS' battery was about to die. My 3DS was about to go as well, but I had one more game in me and I saw your lobby, so I decided to join. the match was pretty laggy for me. I didn't get to show you how badass I am. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
    I'm online now, so go ahead and request a trade as I've forgotten your IGN xD!
    How do you play Dishonored? I play it by stealthing as long as possible, but it almost ALWAYS turns into a slaughter ;_;
    No problem! If you're interested, I put together a couple more playlists.

    Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming, Online Music This one is Happy Hardcore themed, but also has some other hardcore genres and some trance.

    Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming, Online Music This one is rock/pop rock. I really wanted to fill this list to the brim with SCANDAL, but there unfortunately are almost none of their songs on Grooveshark. :(
    Hey, I took your advice and began making a playlist! Unfortunately, what's available on grooveshark starkly contrasts with the list of things I'd like to add. :(

    Here is the first one though, some songs from I've artists: Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming, Online Music

    I'll try to also make rock, pop, and hardcore playlists based on what I can find.
    That's awesome news....which just made it harder deciding on games, but awesome nonetheless! :D Thank you for the more ideas on games to check out. :p

    And for me, it's the very reason I wanted a Vita really the game collection for the 3DS has been poor (well nothing suits my tastes at the moment) and I wanted more RPGs/JRPGs. But ugh at this rate I'll go broke just thinking about the games I do want.
    Huh? What does Arcee have to do with us being friends on XY? (we aren't, by the way, at least not yet)
    A joke-cracking, bar tending robot... ideally.
    How...how did you know? XD
    Let me know if there are any IV Pokemon you're looking for and I'll keep a look out for them. I get most of them through Wonder Trade and some when I trade here with others.
    I never really got into the Evangelion anime. xD I hope u enjoy it. :)

    I finished watching School Rumble last week (awesome and hilarious anime). ^^ Right now I'm deciding what anime to watch. xD
    Sounds fun. :)

    I have been replaying FE: Sacred Stones again on my 3DS. xD

    What anime have been watching? I've been watching School Rumble. :D
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