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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi and welcome! :D Have fun and a great time in this great place. (Maybe we can trade/battle sometime =) )
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    Hi and welcome! :D Have fun in this great place and I hope you will get lots of friends. (To the above poster; I guess everyboby likes Torterra expect Pokémon haters :P.)
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    Your Favorite Fighting Type Pokemon?

    Mine are Toxicroak, Blaziken and maybe Breloom. Toxicroak; you should know why if you look at my username :P, it's just great, funny, cool and has 4x weakness to my favourite type. Blaziken, because Harrison's Blaziken just was one of the strongest and mightiest Pokémon I have seen in the anime...
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    Things that anime HATERS do that annoy you.

    My bigbrother always says that I can't draw, even if I have drawn a very good picture, because I draw anime and manga characters. :( Also most of the pupils in my school thinks that most of the animes are only for little kids and they sometimes talk how they were stupid as kids because they...
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    The Banned Game

    ^ Banned because I haven't posted to Bulbaforums for ages.
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    One Letter at a Time word game.

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    Would/Do/ you Want Ash to Win Sinnoh league?

    I want Ash to win, because then he can battle against Sinnoh's Elite Four (if I remember right) and lose to Cynthia 6-4. :P And actually, I believe that this time he can win all the battles in the league, and if he won't he will at least end up to be the second. But then again, somebody said...
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    What music are you currently listening to?

    "Pikkuveli" by (a Finnish band named) PMMP.
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    Ranger Batonnage

    I also hope it's better so it's worth of buying. The main characters (Hajime and Hitomi)look too young for rangers. The previous main characters were better.
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    Favorite Legendary Pokemon

    Well, I'll say Mewtwo/Rayquaza when it comes to power and Cresselia/Mew when it's about look.
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    What real-life evil force will the next team be based on?

    Heaven's Gate is Magna(/Holy)Angemon's attack in Digimon. XD Anyway, maybe the next team does kidnappings for the other bad teams/people.
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    What pokemon spin-off games have you purchased?

    I have bought Mystery Dungeon Red. And I will someday buy Ranger (the newest or the original one).
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    Caption the screenshots!

    May: Why this stupid big chewing gum won't get out of my shirt?!
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Nurse Joy thinking: He is just like my big broher.
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    DP82 title

    I'm happy that there will (possibly) be a Croagunk-festival episode. I wonder if there's Toxicroak. If there is, then we will know,if the Saturn's Toxicroak is shiny or not. :D