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  • Oi ei mitään! ^^

    Oi jee, mehän ollaan sitten lähekkäin! : D
    Ootkos myöskin kenties TJ-forella tai pokémon-foorumilla ^^?
    /late reply as well
    Snake one is really elegant in its design. Aesthetically, I think that it pleases the majority of the fandom...including me :crush:

    Hmm...I'm still having a hard time choosing D:

    I know I really want Emboar, the candle pokemon, and maybe the FEMALE jellyfish one (it looks really awesome, okay!?). Zebraika and Doryuuzu (The mole) seem promising too!

    And Dentula <3 I have a soft spot for cute furry spiders XD
    Yes, they are awesome. I'm looking for a better avatar though. Btw, Dento is indeed very cute.

    I gotta say I rather like Death the Kid's debut episode. Especially the part where the pyramid went boom.
    I'm really corny like that XD but not as corny as...CORN!
    Aw...thanks ^^; I always had that link to my deviantart since I joined 2 years ago, yet people are still surprised that I have one XD

    I guess they just don't pay attention to my sig that much :(
    Just for a little while in honor of the BW hype XD
    Yeah, I did! Thanks! :D That's why I waited so long to change it XD
    Nothing much... just did a bit of my english essay and was just checking if Island Walker has replied to my request in his sprite shop
    It's a dragon type, I'm almost expecting it ^^; Yay! You'll get black too? I want to go through the city instead of some girly forest

    I still love this one:
    Totally what I saw XD

    I almost never soft-reset my DS games, too much work XD That sounds like a cool plan though. I think that Dento is assigned to grass pokemon, the red one to fire and the blue one to water. So, if I got a pokabu, I'd get to face blue with the fail emo hair :p
    Did you see Kibago's final form? It looks so badass! I really hope that Iris evolves it instead of keeping it in a horrid mascot position :( Hahahaha!!!!!

    I'll name my pokabu Pigg and will definitely evolve it to the end :D
    I thought that the leader you fought changed based on your starter, like your rival battles.
    Oh. :( I hope you feel better soon.

    Thank god that I'm healthy right now. I've been sick for most of this spring -.-

    I'm choosing Mijumaru as my starter. Two reasons for that: I always choose the Water type first and I've really liked Miju from the start.
    Hey. Yeah, it's been a while.

    Well, school started again two weeks ago. I'm still adjusting a bit to the whole change of rythm. :)

    I'm caught up in the general excitement about generation 5. I check for updates every 10 minutes or so :) I really like everything so far. The Pokémon, Isshu, ... What do you think about BW?

    Plus, I'm getting a cousin in about two months. My aunt is having her first baby, so that's become a major topic in my family.

    So, things are pretty interesting right now. What about you?
    They'll fall in love too. The female one looks like quite the flirt! XD LOL XD Poor Ash...at least they gave him shinier eyes this time...oh wait >_>

    Aw, that's so nice of you XD I want Pokabu just because its evos look so ridiculous XD
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