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  • F- in partying
    mandatory summer remedial class

    Yep yep, positive and negatives for both. (You see a lot of people saying it's harder to hide things in person but then you see those 48 hour mystery where a serial killer goes undetected for decades. "He was always such a kind man..." [sub]Obviously this isn't what most people try to hide but it's just tragic and creepy to think about.[/sub])
    sol pls this first year of college is the best time to do crazy things.

    Online chats are easier because I can word my thoughts better. Plus on here I know lots of people who share my interests, so they make for nice ice breakers.
    Business seems so... soul-crushing to me. xD
    Taric and Leona jungle? I'm totally not amused with that crap, both has amazingly poor clear-time lol. TF jungle was a major fail imo as well, he's squishy and is easy to counter .w.; Nidalee jungle though... That's something that annoys the crap out of me because she simply just snowballs and makes the game a living hell.

    Who do you play? :eek:
    Lissandra top became popular due to LCS, yeah, but at the same time because how did the top-lane meta shift from bruiser and tank champions to ap ones, Lissandra being one of the better ones because she applies a lot of CC and gives great pick-off potential =w= I hate laning against her top because she winds up becoming a pest if I can't stay in lane with her lol.

    Alistar's been my all-time favorite support for a while now, I justh ave a thing for tanky support =w=; They feel like great playmakers lol. Other than that, I'm fond of using Annie and Sona
    Sounds like a wonderful time you've been having. :3

    I'd need to be a lot more chatty to be a dentist lol
    With all that cramming I can tell. xD
    If you want better top laners that'd aid your team nicely, there's... Gnar, J4, Lissandra, Irelia (which you own), Maokai, Riven (if you wanna snowball) and Malphite. They're all really good picks imo. at the moment, I'm looking to buy Gnar, Wukong and Riven for top lane lol.

    I pretty much own almost all supports, the only ones I'm looking to get now are Lulu, Nami and maybe Thresh (But I've never really been a good thresh player lol...)
    Were you at one point? (If you mentioned this before I forgot, sorry. ><) Seems like it would be a difficult line of work to find work for. :x
    Been well, I finished up all my gen eds, but now comes trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
    silver and gold 5, yeah =w=; I haven't bothered to play ranked yet for this season since I know i won't play it often (that and i'm trying to find more picks i feel comfortable with)
    The roles I play are support, top and mid :eek: (Moreso Support and Top.) You?
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