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  • It's all right. Take a chance.
    'Cause there is no circumstance,
    That you can't handle....
    When you use your mind!

    Why would you want an incredible song to get out of your head?
    I completely not really revamped the blog where all my impressions in the Marathon thread were stored!

    I even did a cute little pikachu!Please pass by and give me your opinions on how it could be improved.Thank you very much.

    (As a remainder,I wont be online tomorrow much,if at all,so please sent me the podcast file or put it up online for download if you are kind enough)
    Awww...that sucks... I'll peak outside one more time for the full eclipse and then collapse on the bed. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll see an armadillo.

    Unfortunately, most of the opossums I see are dead on the side of the road :( I didn't know that you could keep them as pets! :O
    Ooooh, sombra. The eclipse is happening right now! It's very anti climatic since the moon looks really small where I live....and there was a glare in my glasses, but nonetheless, it's pretty cool :)

    But what's even cooler is that while I was outside, I saw an OPOSSUM! :DD
    Oh, yes I do. Find the thread and go to the "replies" column. Click on the number there and it should list everyone who posted in the thread.
    I don't flirt :mad: .... EVER

    Oh...OOOHH...I see what you did there. I have nothing against pink as long as it isn't used in the same sentence as Paul :p

    It should be soon. My dad's asleep, I should have asked him if I could go outside when he was awake. Now if I open the door, he might FREAK OUT and yell at me for letting burglars in or something :/

    There's always coffee...
    I love pink shades! :D

    The U2 phase, or the part when it gets interesting, won't start until 2:40 >_>

    But, seeing as I'm not that tired, I think I'll go ahead and try to stay up...
    Your link was wrong, but I found it on your deviantart anyways XD (I should check my messages more often...I have 900 pics that I haven't seen yet apparently >_>; ) I think it should be sharper in some places, but it still looks awesome! I really love that color palette (Dark palettes are fun to work with). -obligatory paul comment-
    OMG!!! Mil disculpas por dejarte completamente abandonada. No que fuera mi intención, simplemente... bueno, con BW en el mercado las noticias interesantes se terminaron en cuanto a Pokémon por lo que dejé de visitar la página. A eso agrégale los montones de trabajo que tengo (y que no tendré vacaciones etse año T_T) y ahí tienes....
    Pero claro que I miss ya!! Así que cuentame, cómo están las cosas del otro lado del monitor/continente? xD qué harás durante estas fiestas? :D

    Grax por acordarte de mí n_n
    Well, I think that Paul's pretty good at keeping a stony exterior, when inside, you know's he's just GUSHING.

    Plus, 3 seconds later, when the camera isn't focused on him, he'll be taking pictures for his "collection" ;D

    Actually, I just got confirmation that I won't have to go at all! I'll see ya in a bit :D
    Any suggestions for articles to edit? Can't think of anything that needs work and which I'm interested in... :(


    NVM, I found more screenshots...he's just looking at the ruins :<

    But then again...It's still somewhat related :p
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