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  • Hi i saw your post in AshxSerena thread and to avoid going of topic i would only like to say how Misty actually had a goal when traveling with Ash. To become water pokemon master which involved becoming strongest water trainer in world with Whirl Cup revealing tasks you need to enter and win with which you can prove your worth and become recognoized among other water experts that way.Becoming strong liuke E4 members are with Misty even saying how she worships Lorelei wanting to become that skilled one day.

    Initially Misty followed Ash to repay her bike, but by end of Kanto she stopped caring about it warming up to Ash, Brock and staying because she wanted to explore world and new pokemon in her friends company and continue working on becoming water master until sisters forced her to go back to gym(she was already gym leader when meeting Ash but passive one) and take care of it due to their selfish, vain attitude staying later on because of not existing anyone reliable enough to leave gym in his hands and go on journey to step up from current place advancing her career. That is until substitute is found or one of sisters start being more responsible.

    Hope i didn't annoyed or anything, just wanted to point out some things. Nothing else. :)
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