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  • Well, I'm glad to hear things are going well.

    I haven't gotten X/Y yet. I plan to pick it up in a couple of weeks when I have some extra money. Don't even have a 3DS yet. -_-

    How are you liking it? We have to swap friends codes at some point.
    Pretty good. Exams are like "RAWR GLOMP" and all this time of year, and I kinda prefer school to online pogeymanz, but eh... HOW DARE YOU HAVE A LIFE?! XD

    Also, since Scourge brought it up and I'm genuinely curious: when I rambled a bit on Duncan in your grade, was that at all helpful to you? =x
    I was in Canada. XD 'n there's an author named... Captain Dude, 'r something to that extent, who asked me to grade his Pe2K story. You should grab that next, if you get a chance.

    Hopefully, college will be awesome. Still haven't gotten in.
    Hey, Soro, I saw you guys posted, and I was just wondering if it was okay if I don't post for a couple of days. NaNoWriMo is finishing up as of the 30th, and since my computer died mid way in, I was without it for four days and am a little behind. I promise I would post on the 1st as soon as it was done, since I still think I can finish the 50k if I really hustle, but if you guys want a post right away, I can be sure to get it up for you. If you could share this with Kit and then let me know, that'd be great ^^
    Lol, I was angsting over that for a while... I'm beginning to think that I had your AIM wrong or something. I'll fix that in my grade then, so congrats on your Gothita capture! hehe.
    hey soro, sorry about not posting, just got really busy at school, but i will be trying to get my post up asap!
    Take your time, soro ^^ Don't overwork yourself and just come back to it when you can, okay ^_^
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