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  • Hi, there has been something that I've been curious for a while, when I was once reading past games at the Archive. You won JJM's Murder She Wrote, correct? Unfortunately, there wasn't much info about what actually went on behind the scenes, so could you tell me what you did to figure out the answer if you remember? The plot mentioned that the characters found the murderer's name left behind by a victim.
    I honestly don't fully remember, and I only have the role PM still do to old inbox limits. Also, it was "Murder At Stone Manor." Murder She Wrote was the one underneath. The plot mention was just I died but managed to get the solving guess in. However, reading back through I have a decent idea.
    Each story had at least 1 clue to the correct person. In the first update there is military gun and cared about sybil. Second update was french and the pill. Third was foxglove and the note from -P. Now, looking at the people, Jacques Pierre fits the cared about sybil, french, and -P. And, he was correct. So, that at least thoughts on the final solution. The behind the scenes was just moving from room to room, but not positive if there was something more cause it as been 5 years. god has it really been 5 years
    Re: Discord, Felly sent me something but I think it was a friend request? I see nothing URPG related when I log in, but then again I've never used a chat program before.
    I have noticed, it was discussed in the General Chat last month/late November. No one really cared what its called so I haven't gotten around to picking one or the other.
    Thanks for the offer but I think with the limited nominations we should have enough for the time being.
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