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West Finland
  1. She/Her
Favorite Generation
Generation IV (DS)
Favorite Pokemon
Favorite Generation 1 Pokémon
Articuno / Freezer
Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon
Favorite Generation 3 Pokémon
Altaria / Tyltalis
Favorite Generation 4 Pokémon
Froslass / Yukimenoko
Favorite Generation 5 Pokémon
Joltik / Bachuru
Favorite Generation 6 Pokémon
Clawitzer / Bloster
Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon
Palossand / Sirodethna
Favorite Generation 8 Pokémon
Snom / Yukihami
Favorite Generation 9 Pokémon
Tinkaton / Dekanuchan
Favorite Mega Evolution
Mega Metagross
Favorite Gigantamax form
Gigantamax Duraludon
Favorite Alolan Form
Alolan Sandshrew
Favorite Galarian Form
Galarian Farfetch'd
Favorite Hisuian Form
Hisuian Typhlosion
Favorite Pokemon Move
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Snowbelle City Iceberg Badge
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code
Bulbapedia Username
Software engineer
PokéCommunity Username




Homepage · AniDB · Reddit
Formerly staff, most notably on the GTS. Left for various reasons, some related to personal stuff and some to the site management. Not really active here anymore, but if you message me, I might still get alerted by email. Your best bet is just to find me on some other site instead, though.​


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    Hoenn's Balance Badge

    100 thread replies? Wow!
  2. 75

    Hoenn League Champion!

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 thread replies! The Hoenn region's got nothing on you!
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    Hoenn's Rain Badge

    750 thread replies? Wow, that's amazing!
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    Hoenn's Mind Badge

    You've received at least 500 thread replies. Your threads must be popular!
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    Hoenn's Feather Badge

    250 thread replies? Wow, you're shooting for the sky!
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    Hoenn's Heat Badge

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    Hoenn's Dynamo Badge

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    Hoenn's Knuckle Badge

    10 replies from threads you've created. You're the talk of the town!
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    Hoenn's Stone Badge

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    Kanto's Volcano Badge

    You've made 5000 posts? Looks like Blaine can't keep you down!
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    Kanto's Marsh Badge

    You've made 2000 posts?! Even Sabrina has to respect that!
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    Kanto's Soul Badge

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    Johto's Zephyr Badge

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    Golden Porygon Award

    For your outstanding service to Bulbapedia, you have been awarded this award by the Bulbapedia Editorial Board!
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    Silver Bulbasaur Award

    For your outstanding service to Bulbapedia, you have been awarded this award by the Bulbapedia Editorial Board!
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    Kanto's Rainbow Badge

    500 messages? Impressive!
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