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  • Oh good! Say, if you are available now, would you like to trade? my fc is 3454 - 1450 - 7119
    Hi! I heard from Mintaka that you're looking for Korean dex-entries. I've got a Korean Zekrom, Kyurem, and Heatran. If you still need them, would you like to do a trade back? I'm looking for legendaries for the dex as well, and I don't mind the language as long as I can register it. (If you have them, I'd like to borrow Reshiram, Manaphy, and Arceus if possible). I'll leave a message on your tumblr just in case :)
    Haha, one extra day really is nothing, so I feel bad for having lacked any faith in Nintendo releasing it before 2050 :p Ah you count finishing the game as doing everything. I'm usually content when I've beaten the E4 and then collected all the Pokemon in the Dex and gathered all the items. I don't even have any idea how to get all the trainer card stars/levels! But yeah, you're gunna have to farm some BP at least for the TMs. I'm using my trade thread to gather all the items since it'd take forever to farm all the BP necessary to buy everything. I wish you luck in your ambitious endeavor! The worst part about Maison is how lucky the AI is, so getting the 50 wins requirement is as much skill as it is luck sometimes.

    This is the first gen I've restarted the game at all. With bank here now though, I might consider restarting the Gen 5 games since the storyline is (imo) so much stronger than X/Y. Then again, the jump in graphics is a deterrent lol My main concern before was having to watch all the trained Pokemon I had go down the drain, but now they can just be moved to the bank. Or I could get some cash back by just selling my Gen 5 games. Decisions, decisions. I never used to care what kinda pokeball my Pokemon were in... until the females started passing them on in this gen. Now I'm a sucker for aesthetics :S

    It's loading fine for me now, I'll hopefully hatch a box for you soon. I just need a slow down in trade orders in my thread >_< Starting a trade thread is starting to feel overly ambitious to me cause it's so hard to keep up @_@
    And we finally all have the bank, rejoice! I didn't realize it was out in N.A. today until somebody mentioned it in a PM >_< Ah gotcha. I don't battle competitively either but I find it fun to IV breed different Pokemon so they're as strong as they can be. I guess it's partially prep in case I ever do want to learn. The Maison gets kind of boring though so maybe I'm just not the type that's interested in comp battling. I go for the all out offensive too, since that's all that's necessary in game, so I think people would wipe the floor with my team if I battled online XD I've restarted X/Y 3-4 times now since there's not much to do in game, so I have a few extra master balls. I've only used one so far, and only because I thought the masterball matches Mewtwo's color scheme :p Anyway, I'm gunna clear out some of my Y boxes now that Pokebank is here so if you want to let me know what you need/want bred, I can do that in between the trade orders I have in my trade thread :D
    lol are you in Europe? At least you have Bank now if you are. I'm in Canada so I'm still waiting. Nintendo </3 Haha, that's smart. Do you do any IV breeding? I never used to in past gens (so much of a pain compared to this gen!) so I kept every Pokemon I got and still had room to spare. It's only with X/Y that I've resorted to releasing most of my Pokemon. I'll bet you win a lot at the lotto if you have a lot of different OT Pokemon! :p
    Oh wow, I guess Bulbagarden really gets a lot of people from around the world. Or at least a lot of people who are proficient in different languages. And yeah, I've read all of 3 updates from Nintendo and that's really nowhere near enough when they update more on their upcoming game releases. :/ But you're right, they'll get away with it because as angry as some players might be, they'll still go running back to purchase their games. I know I wouldn't boycott Nintendo games just because of Bank's delay >_< Haha, do you keep all the foreign Pokemon you get after you evolve/breed them for Dex entries? Or do you release 'em to make more room? :p I released a bunch of Pokemon a while back on my X to make room for IV bred Pokemon, now I'm regretting it. A lot of them I leveled up for Dex entries and would've been useful for breeding egg moves. I just leveled up a Natu to level 39 just to get stored power </3
    Ah, you found a player that breeds Korean Pokes? Nice! I think I did trade with somebody here before that gave me Korean Pokes as their native. I think it was Dark_Chocolate, but I'm not sure. And I hope I didn't butcher the SN @_@ I just want some news of when they'll have Bank out - updating us should be a given since we were supposed to get it so long ago. I'm about to throw out some 5IV imperfect 12.5% females to make room for new breeding. Yikes <_<
    You wanted Korean Pokemon then, iirc :D No worries, just VM me again once bank is out to remind me and I can breed you the Pokes you need. I just hope the Bank comes out soon >_<
    Hey! I do remember you collect foreign Dex entries :p I don't need anything in return, though would you mind waiting until Pokebank comes out? I have no spare PC boxes at all right now to store the Pokemon if/when I breed them. If you hit me up when Bank comes out, I'd be happy to help fill the French portion of your Dex.
    Ah I didn't realise. It looks like I missed out Lugia (my Pokédex is otherwise complete >>;). If you've got a second do you mind going back online? Thank you so much for the other legendaries btw
    I don't think any of them have decent IVs :p Awesome, I'll start the trade chain with one of them so it can go Foriegn Pokémon <-> Legend <-> Legend <-> ... <-> Legend <-> your fodder <-> Foriegn Pokémon <-> your fodder. Unless you want me to trade you a shiny or something as collaterol.
    Hi. I found 12 foriegn dex Pokémon in their base forms that you need that I can give you after the trade-backs. I'll add your FC now - do you want to trade right away? Thanks a lot for offering to do this btw!
    Really? thank you!! :D
    My Friend Code is 2938 ~ 7242 ~ 1109
    I added you already :)
    My name is Adruan in game.
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