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Recent content by Soulweaver

  1. Soulweaver

    How full is your Pokedex?

    From the games I own and have currently in a finished state... 383 in Sapphire. Missing Mew, Celebi and Deoxys, and only had Jirachi for a moment. Blame the fact that events required attending distribution sites which simply didn't come across this place often. 493 in both Platinum and...
  2. Soulweaver

    [email protected]?

    Legendaries have no room in my in-game teams; the last time I used one was probably, funnily enough, in Sapphire. So to the box Latias went. Technically it has even never left the PC, though in theory it has via the Eon Flute, but that's just a pretty graphic :p
  3. Soulweaver

    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    ABP had a slow start and by chance I glimpsed an inappropriate ad. It's (obviously) the one on the right, translates roughly as The full target URL of the ad link...
  4. Soulweaver

    R.I.P wi-fi

    That (old) post is probably about the DWC Network Server Emulator, but based on their guides it isn't possible to use that with legitimate games with legitimate hardware, you need either a cheating device or an illegal patched copy of a supported game to circumvent the secure connection checks.
  5. Soulweaver

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    This happened a few days ago, but... I was breeding a bunch of Scatterbug to send to Wonder Trade (Icy Snow isn't a too common pattern, and most players are playing ORAS right now anyway) and within the 250 or so eggs I managed to not only breed one but two shiny ones. International parents...
  6. Soulweaver

    What balls did you use to capture the legendary pokémon?

    Have never really cared about matching balls with looks and thus caught Kyogre, Rayquaza and Azelf in Ultra Balls. For whatever reason, probably to add a bit of challenge, snagged Deoxys in a Luxury Ball and the Regi trio in Premier Balls, though. What the rest of available legendaries will end...
  7. Soulweaver

    TRUMPETS (or the ORAS Music Thread)

    It came out on 3rd in Japan, but I believe the status for an international release is still "unknown". Would bet on it appearing on iTunes like the others did eventually, though.
  8. Soulweaver

    TRUMPETS (or the ORAS Music Thread)

    I'm left with an astoundingly positive impression. One problem I had back then with HGSS's soundtrack was that they, in my humble opinion, butchered some themes; specific examples that come to mind are the Dragon's Den and Game Corner. On the contrary, the ORAS versions of old compositions feel...
  9. Soulweaver

    Two links to my profile

    Pretty sure that's default vBulletin (4) behaviour, not something enabled or added on this forum specifically, so the vB team is who you should be asking about that anyway.
  10. Soulweaver

    Trainer classes/NPCs that were cut out of the remake?

    Both their names and what they talk about (stats, random questions, songs, ...) are the same as in Gen III. No reason to even think they aren't the same.
  11. Soulweaver

    GEN VI: Any Diancie

    Replied to your PM; I'll pick one of them based on those constraints then. Thanks!
  12. Soulweaver

    GEN VI: Any Diancie

    Hmm, I heard something about those codes having an expiration date, which is why I didn't mention them. But if that was a lie and/or yours is still good, that'd work for me too :) What would you be asking for that code?
  13. Soulweaver

    GEN VI: Any Diancie

    Seeing as this was decided to be store event only, I missed out on getting one, yet I want one. I don't really care which region it is from, if it's touched or not, its IVs, or if it's cloned; as long as it isn't hacked, I'm fine with it. In exchange, I can offer one of my spare banked...
  14. Soulweaver

    Fancy Pattern Vivillon event announced: Will be distributed after GTS reaches 100 mil

    Re: Fancy Pattern Vivillon event announced: Will be distributed after GTS reaches 100 The counter on the Global Link site, which I last time referenced to in the post below. Well, I mentioned PGL already anyway. And the equation here here actually; made a small mistake by counting from the...
  15. Soulweaver

    Fancy Pattern Vivillon event announced: Will be distributed after GTS reaches 100 mil

    Re: Fancy Pattern Vivillon event announced: Will be distributed after GTS reaches 100 FWIW, an hour short of four days later and the PGL counter has risen from 87,133,054 to 88,332,322; from that can be calculated that, again assuming completely linear trade volume, 100M will be broken in...