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  • Well, Michele Knotz (Jessie's new VA) was probably cast for all of season 11, Battle Dimension. That could explain why Rachael Lillis hasn't been given the opportunity to voice Jessie yet.

    Also, you probably haven't heard. But recently, Ted Lewis returned to the show and he has regained his original role as Giovanni! All 4Kids VAs have the same contracts, so this proves that there's nothing preventing the original cast (Veronica, Rachael, and Eric) from getting their original roles back. There's no contracts or anything preventing them from returning. The original VAs are freelance, so the only thing that's stopping them from returning is Pokemon USA itself.

    Which is exactly why I think SOVA has a very good chance here. ^_^
    Having the DVD would help, but all of those shows can get expensive. I assume you don't have any qualms with torrents? If not, you can probably find some decent footage at isohunt.com. Other than torrents, the best way of getting good, clear clips is through the DVD itself (programs can pull out portions of the vids and let you manipulate them).
    "I HATE finished those bridges in songs. You don't know what to put there cuz of the lack of words!"
    That's where :p
    I think I've noticed that site having a bit of influence on your most recent work, but I may be wrong. Either way, it looks to be getting even better. If you have the DVDs, it's possible that you could get better quality animations, but if you don't, there's no problem with using the footage that you can get. Better quality just helps it a little.
    I noticed something in your post about having difficulties with non-lyrical parts (since you have your unique style of matching the mouths to the lyrics) so I thought I'd show you a site with a bunch of really good video editors. Thought I'd share it with you since I think it could help you get even better at doing this. They also have a forum, tutorials, and some other stuff. Here's the link: epicalstudios.net/
    Hope it helps. Wish I could do stuff like you do.
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