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  • It's okay, I wasn't online for the past few days so I didn't catch you online, sorry. I'll be available for most of the day today if you are.
    Heya, I got lucky and finished your Caterpie already haha. If you com back online tonight, let me know and I'll get online to trade you. However from the time I post this VM I'll be busy for maybe 30-60 minutes. If you can't trade tonight, then Thursday and Friday should hopefully be a good time for you. Let me know and I'll try to accommodate you :)
    Ah feck I had to go out and I've not seen that until now, otherwise I would have waited to catch you. I'll idle on the 3DS should you appear again but otherwise I'll look out for you during the week.
    The Impish Groudon, right? That would do if it's on offer and you still want the Slakoth.
    Hey, sorry about the wait but a pentaperfect (Heavy Ball female, 3 egg moves - that's a nice bonus) Slakoth is waiting for you.

    Would the Adamant Groudon be okay in exchange?
    Oh, damn, I'm sorry about that. :/ You sure it's fine? I could go ahead and breed one with the move to make up for it.
    Hey, sorry it took a little while but your Ralts is ready! When would be a good time for you to trade?
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