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  • Hey there. Yeah, I haven't forgotten it. I have part of it started. You're right in that I've just been super busy with uni lately--Midterm papers and all that. I'll try to finish it soon! Very sorry about the wait ._.
    No worries. It's not really a big deal. But Graders and Curators have that "you should only claim one" thing going on and thought I'd pass it along.
    Hey, Speed. Try not to claim more than one art piece at a time. This is both to ensure that they get done timely in case the curator goes afk, but also so other curators can nab pieces if they want. A few of our curators pop on and off and usually curate when they do.
    Yeah, I saw. I have another run I have to post sometime soon. Would have gotten to them last night, but last-minute Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. x.x So either tonight or the day after tomorrow. Sorry!
    Hey, just letting you know that there is a post waiting for you in the National Park run. Been a couple days and I haven't seen you around, so leaving you a VM. Hope to see you around soon. :D
    That's very thoughtful of you, but I left the URPG months ago. I'm sure someone else would make better use of it xP
    Lol, exactly!

    We were all a little younger then and different, I suppose..I was about 17 or 16 so I was at that self-entitlement stage, hahahah. xD

    Awesome! And nah, don't worry about it. Family / Holidays come first. I would do the same thing. :D
    Merry Christmas (Eve)! :3
    Yes I did have a Sewaddle lickie! :D Ahaha, it does feel strange, it's like meeting someone for the first time but not really lol

    And nah, it's okay haha. Looking back myself I feel like I was some stupid, naive fourteen-year old, which I probably was XD

    By the way, if all goes right I should be able to post the art grade some time after Christmas. Sorry for the delay, but y'know, it's the holidays after all, haha. Merry Christmas!
    i just realized something

    I already knew you before! You were in BuizelBoy's Master Sprite Contest thingy XD
    That's possible, since I posted the name on one of the speculation threads they had when Gen 5 previews were coming out. I agree that Sewaddle's an adorable name, lol. I just love Sewaddle, design-wise it would be my favorite Gen 5 Pokémon.

    I just checked the thread again but it still won't show up D:
    Maybe it's my computer that has issues, I don't know. xD

    EDIT: Oh, now I see it haha. Going to post the grade when I can. Just one thing though, did you do all this from scratch? The leaves and Sewaddle itself look amazing! :D
    Just wanted to tell you that I simply love "Cheworm" as your title, mostly because it's what I thought Sewaddle's English name was going to be when they were previewing Gen 5 mons.
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