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    So what do you actually *like* about Best Wishes?

    I like it because it's Pokemon, but the stuff I *like* over other seasons... Uh... I can't think of anything. Cilan, I guess? He's fun. Most Cilan stuff is fun - Burgundy, his Pokemon... I guess the animation is nice, too, but I'm not really the type of guy to go "oh, wow, that's stunning"...
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    Top 5 Favourite All Time Pokemon Characters?

    5) Janine. My all time favorite female character. 4) Drayden. Total badass. 3) Thorton, because he's dorky and awesome. 2) Brock, because he never fails to make me laugh in the anime. 1) Ash Ketchum, the best character in the whole franchise.
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    Kanto city names and Gym Leader type correspondences

    A Soul is kind of shadowy like a ninja (Koga), and a Marsh can be sort of menacing and mysterious like a Psychic type. Also, a marsh is sort of, well, mushy, like what a Psychic-type does to your brain.
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    Ideas For New Pokemon

    Name: Hiboso (shortening of Higgs-Boson) Type: Normal Species: Special Particle Pokémon Ability: Run Away Pokédex Entry: It is the smallest Pokémon in the world. It has evaded researchers for decades. Stats: HP: * Attack: * Special Attack: * Defense: * Special Defense: * Speed: * This...
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    If a live-action series of Kanto was created...

    Andrew Garfield? Yes, because a 28-year-old British-American guy can portray a 10-year-old from a vaguely Asian region.
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    History of the Pokemon World...?

    My take was that the Pokemon World has many of the same countries as we do, which would explain the various languages and whatnot. And if I recall correctly, I believe a landmass very similar to Iceland appeared on the map of the world in Black and White, which would support my claim. The Dark...
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    History of the Pokemon World...?

    Due to the various temples and ancient religions, that often intersperse and intersect, and whatnot, organized civilization developed as a nomadic culture of Grecian-style people. My thought of nomadism stems from that overlapping, such as the shared mythos Ho-Oh between Oblivian and Johtonian...
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    Overall honest opinions of Pokemon Adventures/Special

    And Special's characters aren't? Please. Ash has won 2 leagues, thank you very much, and the same can clearly go for the manga. There are plenty of Pokemon Manga that make up their own characters. For main series game adaptions, I give you Pokemon BW: Good Partners, and Pokemon Battle...
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    Overall honest opinions of Pokemon Adventures/Special

    The anime does so much stuff better, though. Better battles, better teams, better fanbase, better humour, better Pokemon interactions (believe it or not, the franchise is about Pokemon), better art, better captures, better rivals, not to mention it can actually create original characters instead...
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    I'm discussing why I dislike it. I'm sorry my differentiation of opinion from you was interpreted as 'slamming'.
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    Your idea for a Pokemon Manga series

    Trading card manga. Newly divorced, depressed guy finds his old box of Pokemon Cards and sets out to become the best player so he can find something to do with his life.
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    Overall honest opinions of Pokemon Adventures/Special

    I dislike Special a lot. It's my least favourite part of this entire franchise by far. It's really not very funny, the characters are cliche, the art can get really low-quality at times during the second artist's run, and it gets so much attention (which it doesn't deserve) that none of the...
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    It's a discussion thread, not a praise thread.
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    How is it funny? It uses stupid jokes, anime references, religious satire, reused jokes, and old jokes that the fandom has been using for years. Those are the least funny and/or most tired 'jokes' on the planet. And any 'humour' left over is made null by the fact that the writer takes a month to...
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    Why do people read this thing?