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  • I Wonder What would have happen if I was in charge of AG Series !
    Well For Starter -

    -Ash will had 2 rival

    -One of them is a hot-temper Tsundere Girl with a Torchic . She is a offensive trainer and she also study Martial Art . She has a crush on Ash & she also has a habit of Physically assault Ash when she gets embarrassed.

    -Other one is calm-minded Boy with a Mudkip. He follow's more tactical Battle Style and he's very intelligent.
    -Both of Them encounter Team Magma & Team Aqua with Ash . However , Team Magma helped Ash & the Female rival against Team Aqua While Team Aqua Helped Ash & Male rival against Team Magma.

    -So The Female rival believe that Team Magma are good While Team Aqua is Bad . Same Time , The Male rival Believe that Team Aqua is good While Team Magma are Bad .

    -This create a huge argument between those two and they try to make Ash pick a side . But Ash declare both Team Evil and supporting them will only create more misery.

    -Blue Orb & Red Orb take control of Archie & Maxie's right hand Man Tabitha & Shelly.

    - A battle between Groudon and Kyogre begins while affecting the climax of Hoenn .

    -Seeing this , The Female & Male rival change their mind .

    -Steven Show up with Wallace and Send Ash to Sky Pillar Because they believe Ash can tame Rayquaza and earn his trust .

    -Rayquaza tell Ash that he will join Ash if he pass a test .

    -While Female & Male rival join Steven & Wallace to stop Groudon & Kyogre from fighting as long as they can .

    -Ash's Determination allow him to pass Rayquaza's Test .

    -When all hope was lost , Ash show up in the back of Rayquaza . After a Brief Battle , Rayquaza calm Groudon & Kyogre .

    -Rayquaza also bring out Blue & Red orb form Tabitha and Shelly's Body .

    -Then Ash , Female & Male rival combine the attack of Secptile , Blaziken & Swampert in order to destroy those orb .

    -Peace return to Hoenn .

    -Ash defect the male Rival and Tyson defect the Female rival in Hoenn League.

    -Ash & Female rival have the same romantic moment May & Drew had after Grand-festival .

    I believe that Writer put too much focus on Mays contest, Which is why they didn't a good rivalry or Villainous Ark during AG Series.
    I would like a main rival like ''Kai Toshiki'' (Cardfight Vanguard) who both cold & Mentor-like to Ash .
    Toshiki Kai - Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki

    I would like if he wear a Pokeball in his neck that contain his secret weapon and he swear that he will only unleash it against a wealthy opponent..
    He always for a opponent he can battle all out .
    Later , He finally reveal his secret weapon against Ash in the League which turn out to be a legendary pokemon.
    Seriously , If Ash become inferior to another rookie then I'm dropping the series !
    I can't seem to imagine Serperior fighting because it has no limbs and is too lengthy for its moving animation (it is a snake after all), and even if we replace it with Samurott, the fact that it'll be a large target due to its quadropedal position makes it a bit difficult to use it. Dawn having a Monferno but no Torterra would mean her team is Turtwig, Monferno, and Empoleon, but Piplup is more recognizable than its full evolved form because of the anime, just like Charizard being more popular than Charmander.
    Here are the possible sets I thought of: Hilda/White 2 with Snivy, Dewott, and Emboar, and Dawn with Piplup, Grotle, and Infernape.
    Well those two and Dawn will be competing with Iris to get the spot as a rep for the possible female trainer in the next SSB title. Hilda or Iris & Axew may be filling up as a BW1 rep followed by an older gen Pokemon as a BW2 rep, and Dawn or White 2 may be filling up as a BW2 rep followed by Zoroark, Krokorok, or Scraggy/Scrafty as a BW1 rep. I sincerely hope Iris doesn't make it.
    I love Grass-type starters, especially Turtwig and Snivy. =3

    I'm trying to make some Fakemon, but it's extremely hard to do. D=
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