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  • After probably a decade, I have finally gotten a Pokemon infected with Pokerus on my own. I think my Zacian got it while battling a wild Zigzagoon.
    So I found a Spanish Pokemon Wiki called Wikidex that has some really good SwSh models. The models are usually larger and higher quality than the ones you can get from Project Pokemon, and include some/all (I haven't checked specifically) front facing models for the non-Galar Pokemon in SwSh. Note that for the non-Galar Pokemon some articles do not have their models displayed yet but they are in the "see/view all the images of..." section.

    Just thought I'd put this out there considering I haven't seen any other sources of high quality gen 8 models.
    Just refreshed my page and the lightbulb theme is gone...

    It's still April first where I live.
    I having trouble deciding which Pokéball a shiny G-Ponyta/Rapidash would look better in, a Heal Ball or a Dream Ball. I’m leaning towards the Dream Ball, but...
    I have no idea if this is possible, but I wonder if we could have a sort of monthly/weekly room trade thing via HOME going on here.
    Just spent roughly an hour trying to defeat a 5-star Vanilluxe raid. I think spread moves like Blizzard should be nerfed in raids considering how ridiculously broken they are against the NPCs.
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