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  • Just hatched a shiny Tepig for my shiny starter collection. Unfortunately, like the Chimchar and Rowlet I hatched before it, it has its regular ability instead of its HA.
    Found a copy of Sword going for a rather cheap price. The seller has good ratings, but I'm still suspicious.

    Edit: Nevermind, the shipping price makes it nearly the same as the market price. However, I've found copies going for $50...
    I don't have any urgent school work and now I'm feeling uneasy, as though I'm forgetting an assignment...
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    Update: I have some work to do. My college has something called supplemental instruction where a sort of tutor hosts weekly sessions and has practice problems for you to do. Because I cannot make some of these sessions due to scheduling conflicts, the tutor emails me the problems.
    My @ the Leak Repository thread

    I don't want to be spoiled.... but it's so tempting to look.
    I saw. It's tall, skinny, and kinda feminine with large black hands, right? Sort of like a Water Salazzle.
    occtopus executive
    occtopus executive
    a lot of people hate it. i think it looks cool. salazzle's awesome
    I like Salazzle--it's my favorite Poison type--but it's not as anthropomorphized as Sobble's evo. I'm honestly not a fan of it.
    Just took a five question math midterm and I was super confident until I got to the last problem. :/
    I spent a long time making a banner for myself, only to realize the dimensions of said banner were 600x200 when Bulbagarden forums has a max banner size of 600x160. All my hard work....
    You should be able to crop it (if you can without ruining it)
    With the reveal that Turtonator is in the SwSh Pokedex (surprisingly), 5/6ths of my dream team is available in Galar. Now I await the news that Garchomp made it so I can have my ultimate team.
    I have sort of developed a bad habit: going through Hetalia tumblr accounts for hours, late at night....
    Oooooh, I remember watching that show back in high school! Is it still popular on tumblr?
    Oooooh, I remember watching that show back in high school!
    I've never actually watched the anime, only read the manga on hetarchives.

    Is it still popular on tumblr?
    I honestly don't know. Most of the accounts I'm looking at seem to be older ones.
    Does anyone know if the wild battle music in B2W2 is slightly different from the version in BW? I remember reading somewhere that there was a slight difference between the two.
    prog rocker
    prog rocker
    I think so, but since I have recently played B2W2 with a whole lot of Max Repels, I might be wrong.
    I like to see this, a young woman with passion! Females who play pokemon on YouTube aren't really known sadly. Besides, you are you and that counts!
    Conspiracy theory time:

    Glameow will be available in SwSh because it's model got updated in gen 7, making it more in line with official artwork. I feel it'd be a little weird for GameFreak to update its model and then not use it in the next games considering Dexit and all that.

    I outlined this in a post in one of the SwSh threads, but I also think Heatmor will make it to Galar. It got an exclusive move, Fire Lash, in gen 7. I don't think GameFreak would bother to give a pretty unknown 'mon a fancy new exclusive move if they didn't have plans for it.
    So I just discovered this anime/manga/webcomic that I like aaaaand.... the series hasn't updated in about a year despite not really ending and the fandom is almost dead.


    Edit: Turns out the series updated last year. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.
    occtopus executive
    occtopus executive
    relatable. the only time i found a webcomic i liked that was still active, it's schedule was out of whack and the creator decided to end it after like 5 months
    I want to get the Sitting Cuties Girafarig plush since it’s one of my favorite Pokémon and because it’s rather small, which would fit nicely with a small college dorm, however I’m not too keen on the plush’s design. I’m also considering the SC Skarmory plush and the Pokédoll Lycanroc plush.

    So has anyone gotten any of those plush toys, and what’s your opinion on them?
    I think my top three favorite Alcremie variants out of the 18 known ones are: tan with white highlights and blueberries, tan with pink highlights and blueberries, and blue with white highlights and blueberries. If it isn’t obvious, the blueberries are my favorite decoration right now.
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