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  • I want to get the Sitting Cuties Girafarig plush since it’s one of my favorite Pokémon and because it’s rather small, which would fit nicely with a small college dorm, however I’m not too keen on the plush’s design. I’m also considering the SC Skarmory plush and the Pokédoll Lycanroc plush.

    So has anyone gotten any of those plush toys, and what’s your opinion on them?
    I think my top three favorite Alcremie variants out of the 18 known ones are: tan with white highlights and blueberries, tan with pink highlights and blueberries, and blue with white highlights and blueberries. If it isn’t obvious, the blueberries are my favorite decoration right now.
    Is it possible to make a unicode emoji like this : ) (minus the space between the colon and parentheses) without it turning into this :)?
    I think we were just hit with a spam attack. Shout out to the staff for removing them so quickly. :)
    Some account spammed the same post about some university service over and over, but with a different university name in the title each time. The title was in English but the rest of the post used Chinese characters.
    oh yeah. that happened the other day too. i tried clicking on the account, but it didn't exist. i went to the forum list, but the thread was deleted. spooky.
    Yeah. I mean, it's one thing to be all "hey come to this university! it's great", but if you are just constantly making the same message, it just comes across as annoying. There was a point where the anime forum's first page was nothing but spam (At least I think it was that one [one of the ares had nothing but spam threads on the first page]).
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